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I'm all about matte lip colours, though preferably in liquid lipstick form, but I'm not picky. Avon's Matte lipsticks gained a lot of praise last year, so they ended up on my list to try and Petra being the great person she is, gifted me the shade I liked most for Christmas. The moment these touched my lips I realised the formula is incredibly similar to Milani's Matte which are some of my favourites. The colour range is pretty bright, so I'm missing more natural and medium rosy shades, but this shade Ravishing Rose is a dupe for Mac's All Fired up lipstick.

Texture: This has basically the same formula as Milani's, which means they feel somewhat silicone creamy, almost like a primer meets lipstick and the finish is nicely matte (one of the best for regular lipsticks for sure). It glides on the lips with ease, easier than Mac's matte lipstick and it doesn't catch on the patches. To me it's not drying, but almost nothing is ever drying to me, so I really can't say if these will be drying to some, but they are not moisturising and they get more matte in time. I find Mac's Fired Up less comfortable to wear than this one. 

Colour: Ravishing Rose is a pinky-red type of magenta shade. I've compared it to Mac's All Fired Up and they are almost exactly the same, right down to the finish.  Another dupe or at least a matching lip pencil I found is Kiko's 709 Magenta. Petra swatched all the shades here

Staying power: I can't say the staying power is outstanding, but it's decent (about 4+hours. Honestly I rarely look myself in the mirror throughout the day, so I can't be precise at describing these thing). I'm used to matte liquid lipsticks that tend to survive anything, so regular lipsticks are less impressive to me. One thing I have to warn you about these - they smudge. Once I wore this a couple of hours, then I needed to run some errands and was shocked when I checked myself in the mirror, because the lipstick was smudged and a more than a half was missing. And I didn't even eat a lot.

Scent: These have a pleasant fruity scent, sort of a candy version.

Packaging: The tube is rubberised making it similar to Nars', but that also means it collects dirt a lot. It has a clear window at the top which is very handy.

Price and availability: regular price is set at 8.50 €, but Avon often has good offers.

I like these, especially the finish because it reminds me so much of Milani's Moisturising Matte which I love. You get a great matte finish and pigmentation, but Avon should really think about adding more natural looking shades.

Have a great day!
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