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This is the third Avon's matte lipstick in my collection and like the other two, it was a gift, but this time from a lovely fellow blogger Lana (thank you!), who also swatched all three of the new shades of Perfectly Matte line that were released in spring. My other two shades are Peach Flatters and Ravishing Rose, which are both from the original line-up of shades. 

Awakening Rose looks tamer in the tube than it ends up on the lips, so despite looking quite different at first glance than Peach Flatters, the difference on the lips is more or less just in the amount of pink and peach tones. Awakening Rose leans more pink and Peach Flatters more peach. Both are classic spring shades in the peachy-pink family, but how pink or how peachy they'll look depends also on your skin tone. Against my pale skin both have a noticeable peachy tone, while you'll notice on Lana and Adjusting Beauty who are both not as pale as me and I believe both have a yellow undertone, it looks much more pink. It doesn't look quite as bright on me as on either of them.

I've already talked about the formula in my previous reviews, but it's a comfortable and smooth formula that applies with ease and has an almost matte finish. To me these don't feel drying and they wear ok with a decent staying power (about 4+ hours). They are scented with a sweet scent that reminds me of Kiki soft candy.

Packaging is not the same as at the original line, as that one has a transparent window at the top, so you can see the shade, but the Awakening Rose doesn't have that. Otherwise it's the same matte rubberised tube. 

 Regular price in Avon catalogue is 8.50 €, but they often have offers.

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