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Cuticle Care is my first product from Badger and such product in general. I've never ventured into specialised nail care as I never had any particular concerns about my nails and cuticles, and I was quite happy using regular body/hand creams or just a regular chapstick. I have very healthy and hard nails, but about a month ago my cuticles became painfully dry, so I decided to give Badger's little helper a go. 

The balm is solid, actually very hard from the beginning and becomes much softer once the top layer is gone. Under the heat of fingertips it melts into an oil, but it's a thick oil that doesn't absorb quickly, so I prefer to apply it before going to sleep. I wasn't blown away by results. Honestly, TBS Honeymania body butter helped a lot more with dryness, which has now thankfully gone. Badger's Cuticle Care did leave my hands more moisturised, but it wasn't quite enough for my cuticles no matter the amount I used and it didn't help prevent any hangnails. I do, however, like it a lot for dry elbows and even more for my very dry soles. But the scent, oh the weird scent, is the thing that makes me dislike it. It's a strong lemongrass herbal scent (rosemary? Other reviewers say ginger), exactly the type of scent I genuinely dislike.

The product is packed in a small metal tin, which holds 21g of product and is a nice size to throw in a bag. It's quite a difficult packaging to operate with when your fingers are greasy from the balm. I've had it for a few months and I've used about 1/4 or 1/3 of the product (every day use).

It's a cuticle care product that could easily be called a multi purpose balm. I like the idea, but with a different, more pleasant scent. I'll used it up, but won't repurchase. It costs about 4€ on iHerb.

Have a great day!
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