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My skin loves cleansing balms. Before I started using them, dry patches were my eternal nemesis, but I haven't had a single one in months and my skin is definitely more balanced out. This is my solid cleansing balm and my second cleansing balm in general, the first being Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm. Despite the not so good first impression for which I lay the blame entirely on the awful scent, this has become one of my favourite cleansers ever.

Texture: It's a solid balm that is so smooth and soft. I scoop out about a fingernail sized amount and while massaging it into the skin, it just melts into an oil. It stays solid even in my always-warm bathroom, unlike the Balance Me, which was always so runny I really needed to be careful when pouring it out of the tube (there was never any squeezing required at all), but Balm Balm melts only on the actual skin. 

Performance: It cleanses the skin well and breaks down the make up, including the waterproof mascara. It's one of the rare cleansers I've used that tackles the stubborn layers of waterproof mascara I wear, but it doesn't remove it completely as I still wake up with a bit of panda eyes if I don't follow up with Maybelline's Makeup Remover Waterproof. I remove the balm with a wet flannel that also provides some gentle exfoliation. My skin is left soft and balanced in a sense that the drier areas are moisturised and the T-zone cleansed. It makes my skin more normal and never leaves it tight or oily.

Scent: Keeping in mind that scents are subjective, I find it awful. It smells strongly of incense and citrus, so the overall effect is like being in a church on a holiday at the moment when the priest is swinging that smoke thingy (yes, that would be the technical term) while you're sitting next to someone wearing a D&G Light Blue. I genuinely dislike it and it kind of lingers, but thankfully the longer I'm using it the less I notice it. But honestly, they could have an unscented version.

Packaging: It comes in Balm Balm's standard, brown glass 30 ml jar that they sell all of their other balms in. It's dainty and cute, though I'd prefer it came in a bigger size as well. However, I like that they offer a small size because is handy for anyone who wants to try balm cleansers first, before committing to pay 40+€ per pot (looking at you Emma Hardie) or need something small for travelling. I've had it for over a month and used up about a half or 2/3, but I'm not the one to pile on skincare.

Ingredients: Looking at the ingredients, I must say this is so simply made. Some sunflower oil, shea butter, beeswax, jojoba oil, marigold extract, frankincense extract oil and grapefruit peel oil. It looks like it's easy to make at home if you're into such things, but it would take a lot of experimenting to get the quantities right.

Price and availability: I bought it on Feel Unique for 10€ (30 ml).

I love the texture and the performance of this balm cleanser, but it's a crying shame that it smells so strong, especially since the scent is not exactly pleasant. Also they could offer a bigger version of it as well. But all in all, it's a fantastic balm. I still love the Balance Me and considering it's cheaper per ml plus it smells so much better, I'd probably still choose it over this one. Though, I must admit I prefer the texture of Balm Balm's one as it feels so luxurious to use, so I would repurchase it.

I wish someone came up with a balm like this one in bigger size and for an affordable price (so not something that costs one month's food budget), maybe even with such a lovely scent that Balance Me has. 

Have a great day!
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