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Just look at this palette - doesn't it look like the perfect collection of nude shades? I certainly think so and though, eyeshadows seldom grab my attention in shops, it was love at first sight. I was so looking forward to using it, but then I hit a wall of disappointment - the pigmentation. 

There are 10 eyeshadows in the palette, pretty much the collection of colours that appeal to me the most. They are all neutral shades, two are matte and the rest have a shimmery-satin finish. 

 In the top (1.) row there are 
1. a shimmery  light beige-rose shade (similar to Sin from the Naked palette) - poor pigmentation, I tend to apply it with fingers for intensity.
2. a perfect cool matte brown (similar to Mac's Wedge or Naked Palette's Naked) - the worst pigmentation in the palette, I barely get it to show up on me and I'm very pale.
3. a satin cream shade - just a classic highlight shade. I'm not a fan of such light shades in general, I prefer something warmer or pink.
4. a shimmery copper shade - best pigmentation in the palette and a nice shade for blue eyes.
5. a beautiful matte taupe-purple-brown - another poorly performing matte, though due to being a darker shade, better than the other matte one. I tend to use it in the crease a lot.

 And in the bottom (2.) row
1. a shimmery old green brown shade - besides the coppery shade, the other best performing shade in the palette.
2. a satin medium warm brown - disappointingly poor pigmentation for such a shade. 
3. a shimmery smoky silver
4. a shimmery white-silver (Mac's Vex like)
5. a shimmery purple-brown - not the best pigmentation, but can be used to deepen the crease and outer corners.

Pigmentation is, oh, it's so disappointingly poor on most shades, particularly on those that are my favourites. These eyeshadows feel in general quite dry and hard. Mattes perform especially poor, the second one in the top row for example, but shimmery shadows are a bit better, though again the light shades aren't impressive (like the first one in the top row). The only shades that are relatively soft and pigmented are the cooper shade in the top row and the old gold shade in the bottom row. I tried primer under it, but the vibrancy just isn't there at some shades, more expensive brushes don't help either, you just have to build up the colour, which takes a lot of time. You can create a natural look with it, but it's very difficult to get the same result that you might get from the Naked palette. 
These blend ok, however, due to poor pigmentation, the eyeshadows quickly start to look very similar when blended.
I'm wearing a simple look with these in this post.

Honestly, that L'Oreal L'Ombre Pure eyeshadow I have that costs 9€ is miles better than this in terms of quality. I know it's a bad comparison and yes, it's more expensive, but I'm enjoying it a 100% more than I ever did this palette. I do try to use it at least for softer looks. Sleek palettes have a better pigmentation for a similar price and despite the fact that their eyeshadows have fall down if you want something good on a budget, I think they are a better choice. Eden palette is not by any means the worst palette I've tried, but it is clearly budget quality and has left me disappointed. Eyeshadows last me forever, so I'm willing to pay more to get great quality, this palette just proved me that I'm right.

I got my palette in Kozmo (Croatia) for 49.99 kn (about 6.5 €).

Have you tried it? Have a great day!
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