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I decided to do a post featuring my favourite purchases I made this year. Of course there were a lot of other  products I cherished, but I already post them in my monthly favourites. As usual the coloured text is a link to the original review.

Starting with face products, my absolutely dearest discovery this year is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. I do in fact also own the original Healthy Mix, but I much prefer the serum version. It just gives the most natural finish. It literally looks like your skin but better. The shade 51 matches me perfectly, the light to medium coverage is right up my alley and the finish is more glowy instead of flat matte. It's definitely a winner.
This year I finally found the perfect bronzer that suits my pale complexion and it is the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess in Soft Matte. It has more red undertones so the colour it gives looks very natural.
Benefit Coralista is the perfect coral blush with golden shimmer which gives the most beautiful glow. For a really healthy look and that ''lit from within look'', I love the combination of Jemma Kidd's Ice Gold highlighter and Coralista.
Dream Touch blush in Peach by Maybelline is my lazy look blush. I think I wore this one the most out of all of my blushes. Often in the morning I just can't be bothered with the whole make up routine, so for my cheeks I just put some Ice Gold highlighter and some Dream Touch blush and I'm done. It has a really lovely soft, creamy consistency so it blends nicely (oh, and I apply it with fingers, I can't be bothered with brushes in the morning).

Moving on to eye make up, the winner in this category are definitely the Color Infallible eyeshadows by L'Oreal. I already have five shades and I'm still lusting after some more. They are pretty expensive for drugstore products, but they are seriously some of the best quality eyeshadows I've come across. Shades 21 Sahara Treasure and 24 Bronze Goddess are two of my favourite shades ever, they are so gorgeous and the combination of the two (21 all over the lid and 24 just at lashline and the outer corner) is brilliant. Reviews can be found here (21 and 24), here (005 Purple Obsession), here (12 Endless Chocolate) and here (002 Hourglass Beige). 

The best cream eyeshadows I found are Essence Stay All Day longlasting eyeshadows. These are brilliant for the price. They apply and blend well, plus they really last for hours without creasing. On me shade 01 Copy Right looks quite similar to my beloved Satin Taupe by MAC. I also really enjoy wearing shade 02, it's just one of those no-brainer colours.
This year I have completely shifted to waterproof mascaras. I have very stubborn lashes that refuse to stay curled for more than a couple of minutes. But by curling the lashes, then applying a bit of waterproof mascara, then curling them again and applying mascara again keeps them curled all day. For me this is the tip of the year. My favourite mascaras are L'Oreal's Million Lashes and Helena Rubinstein's Lash Queen Feline Black both in waterproof version. 

I'll go though lipsticks and lipglosses quickly. All of these are my favourite neutral, everyday shades. First is Sleek Pout Paint in Minx, then Nyx soft matte lip cream in Istanbul, Rose Petal by Natural Collection is my latest addition and has quickly become one of my favourite shades ever. The last lipstick is Coral Punch by Isadora which is a bit brighter, coral shade. As far as lipglosses go, even though I don't really wear them much, Essence Stay With Me lipglosses really impressed me this year. Isadora lipgloss in 21 Apricot Pink is one of my favourite shades, despite the fact it looks quite boring in the tube, but trust me in real life it's really pretty.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multipurpose Dry Oil is absolutely one of my greatest finds this year. I have actually been  using it as a face moisturiser for the past six months and my skin has never been so soft. A holly grail product. I also use it for my body, lips and hair. 
Another oil I have been loving is the L'Occitane Amande Supple Skin Oil. I just adore the scent of the L'Occitane's amande line. I think I already had most of the products from this line and the shower oil and the supple oil are the bomb. Of course they are seriously expensive, so I'm using it very sparingly. 
Lush's Silky Underwear dusting powder is a brilliant product. It smells divine and has a number of uses (try reviews on MUA for more ideas). Right now I love sprinkling it on my scarf so it smells pretty. 
I purchased a lot of fragrances this year, but the two that really stood out are Escada Taj Sunset (a very sweet, tropical scent, great for summer months) and Britney Spears Fantasy (a stronger really sweet fruity vanilla scent).

On to hair products, Syoss Volume Lift Dry Shampoo really impressed me. It doesn't leave any white residue, has a lovely fresh scent and gives masses of volume. Two conditioners/masks work fantastic on my really dry hair. The more expensive version is the ''Serious'' conditioner by Tigi S Factor and the cheaper drugstore Dove Oil Care 1-Minute mask (it's called differently in other countries). All the products from the Tigi S Factor line I purchased are absolutely brilliant, Flat Iron Shine Spray is a great heat protectant and the Smoothing Luster is great for smoothing and taming flyaways. The last thing is the Orofluido which I've been using on my ends for almost the entire year, plus it smells gorgeous.

I have a thing for teal/turquoise/mint green/ blue-green shades (No seriously, last week I bought a men's T-shirt just because I liked the colour. Now I sleep in it and it matches my bedding. I'm weird I know.), so it's no wonder that Essence Color&Go in the shade 53 You Belong to Me and Multi Dimension in the shade 73 Replay are two of my favourite shades ever. Another shade I've loving year is Pink Flamingo by Barry M. But my greatest discovery is the Seche Vite Top Coat which dries freshly painted nails in under a minute. 

So these are the products that really stood out this year. I hope you have a great time on New Year's Eve, have fun and I wish you all the best in the new year. Thanks for reading! 
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