Tips Best Buys in 2013: Skincare, Hair and Fragrance

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And here is the second part of my traditional best buys of the year post. You can find the first part with favourite makeup products here and posts from previous years here: 20102011 and 2012.

Not a traditional solid balm cleanser, but one with a very runny texture and small oatmeal scrub particles. It removes all but "industrial strength" waterproof mascara and leaves my skin feeling clean yet moisturised. Out of all cleansers I've tried so far, this is the one that makes my skin look best and it really keeps the flakies at bay. The only bad thing is that it's expensive.

A very light liquid serum with AHA's that is nothing revolutionary, however, it does help those pesky blemish marks to fade faster. It doesn't work overnight, but long-term this is very effective.

I must report that since I revamped my skincare routine by using balm or oil cleansers and adding AHA's, I haven't had a single dry patch nor the feeling of uncomfortable dryness. A pretty big win in my book.

Balea's shower gels are not the most luxurious, however, the peach bubble gum scent of this one is just amazing. It's become one of my favourite shower products ever. 

The Body Shop Honeymania and Vineyard Peach Body Butter
TBS body butters are the best one's I've tried. Honeymania in particular has a fantastic texture, while the scent is an interesting and nicely blended mix of soft honey note with a fresh wildflowers scent that I have really grown to love. Vineyard Peach is the best peach scented product I've ever found, however,  unfortunately it was LE, but you can still find it on eBay.

These are the creme de la creme of hair care products. Targeted for dry to very dry hair, Nutritive products are those gem products that leave my hair amazingly soft, silky and healthy looking, and that feeling lasts for days. Kérastase sure is expensive, but you really get what you pay for.

This smells soo divine! I still use Orofluido every time I wash my hair because I find it best for my dry hair, however, on later days I love using a much lighter Elixir Ultime to reduce frizz and give some additional shine to my hair. It also has the best packaging that comes with a pump. I carry the travel size in my bag.

Such a great drugstore conditioner that makes my hair feel quite silky and it's moisturising enough to keep my poor dry ends in shape. The bubble gum scent is fantastic as well.  

 Honestly, I wasn't convinced it was all that amazing from the start, mostly because I was using it wrong, however, I forgot to use it once on damp hair before blow-drying and I was a bit shocked when my hair wasn't really complying as usual. It was then that I realised how brilliant this actually is. It helps with the frizz, tames the hair and keeps it more moisturised. Using this, I can easily use a drugstore conditioner without having my hair dry by the end of second day after washing it. I don't even have to resort to using oil every day on my ends. I also use a small amount mixed with Orofluido on dry hair right after blow-drying and then put it in a high bun overnight, so I get volume and lovely waves. Best leave-in conditioner I ever tried.

This is one of the best styling products I ever tried, certainly the best mousse. It's in a spray which means it's easier to control the amount you want and easier to apply evenly. It isn't sticky, smells like raspberry soda and performs so well. With this and Lee Stafford hairspray my curls last at least three days (curled with a Remington 2.5 cm/1 inch barrel curler).

Healthy hair and shine in a can. It's a light silicon based product with argan oil in a spray form that gives tons of shine, helps fight frizz and doesn't weight down the hair. It's more of a styling/shine product, since the argan oil content is minimal and it doesn't actually nourish the hair much, however, it's much better than your average shine spray because most of those have a high content of alcohol. This is a great product for those, who find that silicone-oils are too heavy for their hair.

I never though hairspray will be among my favourites, but this one sure deserves it. It gives flexible hold without being sticky, doesn't feel crispy or stiff at all and I don't even feel it on the hair. Despite the lightness it actually holds so well and works perfectly in combination with the got2b mousse. I need to buy the full size.

I knew I'd like this from the moment I saw the notes, particularly because I like honey. It's a lovely blend of a honeyed apricot with smokiness of the incense. It's not a typical celebrity juice since the usual notes of vanilla and sugar are replaced by a darker incense. It is an eau de parfum, so it's more of a heavy scent, but I wore it almost all year regardless of the season.

This is a more classic scent and I find it perfect for an everyday daytime choice. It starts with a fantastic proper peach bust and then the scent evolves into a more flowery fragrance (white flowers) with some sandalwood. It ends up smelling a bit like fabric softener, but an expensive kind.

Have a great day!
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