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We can these a blatant copy of Kiko's sticks and they are certainly very similar, but they are a good copy. They're not identical, since the pigmentation isn't as intense, but they are certainly worth picking up. These are great cream eyeshadows in my favourite type of format, which makes them very easy to use. Pigmentation is nice, they are very cream, so they apply without any dragging and they last all day on normal lids (on oily they will probably crease). I love using these as a base for powder eyeshadows, so they intensify them and make them last all day. Both of the shades I own (020 G'Old Mc Donald and 040 Brown to Earth) are shimmery, so they don't look as even on the eyelids as Essence's do, but I still find them very impressive and 040 Brown to Earth is a very close shade to Kiko's 06 Golden Bronze.

These Catrice palettes are mostly nice, but not all (chocolate one is most disappointing out of the ones I tried), but this one is by far the best they ever made. The eyeshadows are very pigmented, apply nicely, aren't chalky (though some say they find them dusty) and they last well on the lids. I love the shade range in this one because it has a great selection of neutral matte colours that are perfect for creating a simple defined look, but you can also create a smoky eye. 

Whether you're on a budget or not, these blushes are a fantastic drugstore buy. They have excellent pigmentation, they apply and blend nicely, plus they have great staying power. Their shade range is lovely, but the one shade I recommend you to try is 020 Rose Royce, a natural looking shade that just adds some definition to the face. Those who like classic pinks will love 025 Pink feat. Coral.

Catrice does great blushes and among them are also these from the Illuminating line. The name isn't the best because they aren't actually illuminating, but they are again great quality blushes with excellent pigmentation and staying power. My favourite is 010 I'm Nuts About You, which is a similar shade as Rose Royce, but more a toned down and it's a type of shade that goes with everything. 020 Coral Me Maybe is a classic peachy-pink-coral shade and 040 La Vie en Rose is a muted peach shade and the lightest in the bunch.

This is a product that received very mixed reviews, though I think most of the bad ones were about the other shade 020, while I have the lighter 010 Ashy Radiance. It's not the softest powder, but when it comes to contour I think that a good thing if you don't want to end up with an obvious brown stripe on the face. It's a cool brown shade, which is a rarity in the drugstores, it blends nicely and fakes a shadow pretty well on my pale, neutral skin tone (I also use it on more tan people than me and it works well). However, only the contour shade is nice, while the highlighter is very subtle and not that impressive. 

I used to own the hyped-up Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector and this is pretty much the same, well at least it's a very good replacement. It's such a wonderful, creamy and balmy lip gloss which it feels quite luxurious on the lips. My only issue with it is that it gets a bit odd when it's wearing off, like it's peeling, but I just wipe it off and apply it again. I got one of the lightest shade called Apricot Cream and though it's sheer, it still makes my lips paler, so if I were buying a new one, I'd pick something darker. 

There are many impressive lipsticks in the drugstore, so nowadays these are just some of many good ones, but they are miles better than Essences, which is Catrice's sister brand. They have an excellent pigmentation, lasting power, don't dry the lips, don't bleed and they are very smooth. Their colour range is beautiful, but shades are discontinued and new added often, so don't get too attached to one colour. 

You might wonder why I didn't include Nude Illusion foundation. While it's a very impressive foundation, I resent the shades are quite dark (but I like that the lightest shade is neutral) and it has a very moody character when it comes to my skin. It can look fantastic and on random days it can look very obvious on the skin, slipping into pores and lines. It is a foundation I use a lot of other people and it always look fine. My friend used to wear it everyday, but has since switched it to All Matt because she wanted something without UVA/UVB to avoid the white cast on pictures and I think she likes it more. Nude Ilusion and All Matt are definitely worth a try if you're looking for a medium coverage cheap foundation with a matte finish. 

I also hear a lot of positive feedback in regards to the Liquid Camouflage concealer, but I never tried it. Check Petra's and Nadja's reviews.

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