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Most of the lip products I have from BeYu are described matte, but none impressed me as this one and that's because it actually is their only properly matte product. I have several such jumbo lip pencils and these are my favourites because they do everything I want: they have an excellent matte finish, great pigmentation and good lasting power. There are several shades available, I got one of the shades that I instantly liked, but there are a few that peaked my interest too. Non matte version of such pencils exists as well.

Texture: This is what I wanted Essence's Velvet Sticks to be. Pigmentation is excellent and the finish is properly matte, actually one of the best I've seen in a non-liquid lipstick. It applies easily without dragging and doesn't emphasise the uneven texture of the lips. To me it's not drying, but I have heard complaints, so get this only if you truly love matte finishes. 

Colour: My shade Dusty Rose is a muted peachy shade with some rosy tones. I've been wearing a lot recently because it's so easy to apply nicely and because it's a peach that doesn't look orange on me, so it a very easy to wear colour. It's a type of colour that it's very possible will look more pink-rosy on darker skin tones.

Staying power: This last excellently on the lips, way longer in fact that other BeYu lip products I've tried as well as my other chunky lip pencils I own (with a notable exception of Golden Rose's, but I only own dark shades). I'm impressed. It's the type of product that when you apply on the lips, you can't just wipe it off with a dry tissue if you change your mind and want to switch colour.

Packaging: These are exactly the same size as Essence's Velvet Sticks. They are neither too thick so they would be very difficult to apply precisely and neither too thin that it would take too long to apply. However, once the tip gets blunt you won't get much precision, luckily these aren't too soft and you don't need to sharpen them very often. They fit standard Essence double sharpeners. 

Price and availability: The price is 7.99 € in Slovene DM's. 

When it comes to BeYu lip products these are the winners from me. They are exactly what I hoped every other "matte" lip jumbo pencil promised to be, but wasn't. I would like to get more shades, however, if you're one of those with lips sensitive to drying out, you might want to pass on the matte version.

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