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I'm not sure how big the range of BeYu matte nail polishes is, but I've seen a few different shades at my fellow bloggers. These come in the same bottle as the regular ones, the main difference being the cap which informs you it's matte. I don't own many matte nail polishes, I'm more a traditionalist when it comes to nail colours, but I'm liking this one.

My shade 145 Smokey Red is a matte cool toned red. It's opaque in one coat and dries fast as is usual for a matte nail polish, but it has the same fault as all the rest and that is that it can dry very uneven. Two coats usually look less good than one, but sticking to a single coat is not a  good idea since even on my nails, it last about a day. Two coats are already a lot more impressive and I got (for me) a normal five days of wear without a top coat and base. I'm not a true fan of matte finish on the nails mostly because so far none has stayed matte, instead it gets kind of almost oily looking and this one does the same.  

It costs 7.99 € in DM. As far as mattes go, this one is the most impressive one I had, but I haven't had many.

Have a great day!

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