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I took a liking to this already in the shop and the reason it appealed to me is because it actually has everything you need in one palette, plus the blush looked like my type of shade, though I discovered at home it's a lot peachier than I imagined. You get a contour powder, a matte powder, a blush and a highlighter. Apart from the highlighter, all shades are matte, but the highlighter is not as strong, so this is a palette for those who want a more mat look.

Texture: All shades are very powdery and loose, so when you swipe your blush in one shade, it's not uncommon that bits fly into other pans. I don't find these the best powders, since you need to be very careful at application because if you don't swipe the brush with product on the back of your hand first to basically distribute the powder better, it applies blotchy on the skin, thought it's not that odd for more pigmented products. I forgot to do that once because I was in a hurry and I ended up with an espresso eyeshadow stripe on my cheek, which I had a hard time blending it nicely/fixing it. The blush is much the same, applies unevenly and I have trouble blending it. I got a Trend it Up blush at the same time and the difference in ease of application is vast. The other two powders are so light in tone that you can't mess up anyway, but the Strobe Matt powder actually has some more coverage which comes handy under the eyes.

Contour: is a cool brown shade that's very pigmented. It should fit most of light-medium skin tones, but on very pale like mine, it could be a bit more grey. Compared to Catrice's Contour palette, it's a shade darker, but similar in tone, maybe a bit more brown.

Strobe Mat: a light, yellow-toned skin tone shade. It has some additional coverage and it matches my skin tone almost exactly, so I can't use it for highlighting, but it will work on medium skin tones.

Blush: a muted peach shade. It looks pinker in the pan, but there is almost no pink when on the skin, at least on me. I have nothing similar in my collection and all my peach blushes are much brighter.

Strobe Pearl: Highlighter doesn't appear to be much of anything in the pan and also as you can see on my arm swatch, it's barely visible, however, on the cheeks is gives a decent glow. It's not strong, but it gives a nice amount of radiance on the skin that will please those who like a more natural look, but I feel it will be underwhelming to many glow lovers. The shade is one of those that fits many skin tones - a classic champagne colour.

Staying power: It lasts averagely on the cheeks and the base itself has a lot to do with it. 

Packaging: The whole thing is like a little thin book. It's made of durable cardboard and it feels like it's going to last if you don't plan to shuffle it in makeup bags, though it's very light and travel friendly. I'm a fan of the idea of having everything in one place, I just wish that the texture were a bit better pressed so shades wouldn't mix. You also get a good set of instructions.

Price and availability: These are sold for 14.99 € in Slovene DM's, it's probably about the same in Douglas. This comes to 3.75 € per pan for 3.8 g, which is a similar price to Catrice's Illuminating blushes.

This is a palette that has so much potential and it's a decent palette with everything you need, yet I wish the powders were smoother and easier to blend. The shades are good for light-medium skin tones, so it should fit a lot of people, though those with cooler skin tones may find the blush a bit too warm. The price isn't too high for the amount of product you get, though cheaper, really good options exist as a direct competition, but I have yet to see one that includes a mat skin toned powder for which BeYu gets a plus from me.

Also read Taya's review here for more opinions.

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