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I have been buying Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Solution since 2011 and in all these years, I've never been without a bottle of it in my collection. I still believe it is brilliant, but I wanted to check out the (cheaper) competition and I purchased L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution (called Hydra Active 3 Mizellen-Technologie Reinigungsfluid in German speaking world). I've been using it for about a week now and it feels so similar, basically the same as Bioderma, so I wanted to see if it also performs the same and I did a little test. I set on removing a full face makeup by using Bioderma on one side and L'Oreal on the other. I wore Bourjois Healthy Mix serum foundation set with Givenchy Matissime powder (a combination that lasts all day thanks to the powder), a super pigmented Essence cream blush (from Ready for Boarding TE) and Pupa powder blush on top, plus a complete eye makeup with Essence gel eyeliner, Mac eyeshadows and Essence get big lashes waterproof mascara. 
Both Bioderma and L'Oreal feel the same - like water. There is no residue left, just clean and refreshed skin. None of them break me out or irritate my skin in any way. There was no difference between the two when removing the make up with the first cotton pad. The biggest difference was with the second cotton pad.

Bioderma's second pad was basically clean with only a bit of eye makeup on it. There were no traces of any foundation or blush any more. It removed everything, but there was still some waterproof mascara left (honestly, I don't expect from a non-oil based remover to do that anyway). 

L'Oreal's second pad had loads of foundation on, which proved the first didn't even remotely clean as effectively as Bioderma. I needed three cotton pads to have the face completely clean. Again as with Bioderma it did not completely remove waterproof mascara, however, it removed less of it. The biggest difference was in the morning when I noticed that on the side where I used L'Oreal, I had a panda eye with lots of black smudged under my eye, while the other one was fine. 

Bioderma is available in pharmacies and isn't difficult to get a hold of here. There's a pharmacy on almost every corner in the town that is closest to me, not to mention we have bunch of online Slovenian pharmacies, so availability isn't really an issue. I buy 250ml versions for about 11€, which I don't find too expensive, because I don't use it up fast (you can be frugal with it and have all the makeup removed). The packaging is a simple clear bottle with a flip top. A bottle can be opened for 12 months. It has no particular scent. Ingredients here.

L'Oreal is sold in every drugstore and 200ml costs 4€. The packaging is the stupid new renovated one with a square top that spills product everywhere. A bottle can be opened for 6 months. It has a faint chemical scent. Ingredients here.

As I said, the texture is remarkably similar, essentially a dupe. However, I don't find L'Oreal's nearly as effective as Bioderma. You will use a lot more product and pads to remove everything, but yes, it is cheaper. Having said that, I do think L'Oreal's micellar water is a really nice product and definitely worth the price. It's a great makeup remover if you can't get a hold of Bioderma or you find it too expensive. 

Bioderma is a clear winner for me. I've purchased numerous bottles over the years and I will continue buying it. By the way, Escentual did a blind trial of micellar waters with about a 100 people and Bioderma was a clear winner (I knew it was popular for a reason being a regular user myself for years). You can read the result here

Have a great day!
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