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Matte liquid lipsticks are some of my favourite beauty products and I've done a post with 14 different ones a few months ago, so I was excited to try The Body Shops' formula too. These aren't my favourite ever (still theBalm), but they have the type of formula that's similar to NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, meaning they could be suited for dry lips too. I have three shades that were a part of the Christmas gift offering, but all the shades and more (17 in total) are available individually. 

Texture and finish: Formula of these is like I said before similar the mousse texture of NYX, also Bourjois' are somewhat similar. They aren't as pigmented as others, which is most apparent at the darkest shade and they need more time to dry, but they do to a perfect matte finish. To me they don't feel drying, but like I said a million times so far, don't ask me if they are nice on dry lips, so check the review of my fellow blogger Lana who praised them for their comfort.

Winsor Rose 

Windsor Rose is a warm, peachy-nude shade that is one of those Mac Velvet Teddy-ike shades that looks very peachy on pale skins and the darker the skin is, the more pinky-beige it looks. It applies with not problems and evenly.

Nairobi Camelia  

Nairobi Camelia is a muted medium warm peachy pink. It's the type of shade I wear a lot, but it's again a shade that looks much more peachy on me than it will on someone with a darker skin tone. It applies with not problems and evenly.

Mauritius Dahlia

Mauritius Dahlia is a deep cool burgundy. I'm not a fan of the formula because it's got a weak pigmentation meaning the first coat is a stain and you have to wait for it to dry if you want to apply a second coat and get an opaque pigmentation because otherwise the lipstick shifts and you get a very uneven finish. TheBalm's Adoring is vastly superior to this and the only close such annoying formula I know of is Bourjois Grand Cru. You can make it work, it just takes time and patience, plus a matching lipliner.

Staying power: These don't last as long on the lips as their competition. Again they remind me most of NYX and while they survive drinking, food is a bigger challenge. They don't disappear completely, but they also don't stay intact. Still as with almost all liquid matte lipstick you get several hours of wear time and they outlast most regular lipsticks.

Packaging: Yet again a very similar packaging to NYX. They come in a similar opaque tube with a rubberised cap which attracts dirt. The applicator is a doe foot with a cut design, which could be a bit better shapes, but it's fine. 

Scent: these have a vanilla scent.

Price and availability: They cost 8.90 € per tube.

These feel like a slightly improved version of NYX because they have a bit more pigmentation, but in almost every other respect, all down to the scent, they are so similar. Due to that they might be nice for those with dry lips, but don't expect any care from them, it just means they don't feel tight on the lips because they don't form a layer and they take longer to dry. 

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Have a great day!

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