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Praised for it's makeup removing capabilities, Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil certainly intrigued me greatly as a regular wearer of waterproof mascara and I wasn't disappointed. It was on my wishlist since the first press release and a couple of months ago I finally had a chance to snatch one for myself on my trip to Celovec/Klagenfurt. 

Texture: This is a very, very light and liquid oil, it's almost light as water and can quickly run off your hands. It doesn't emulsify much, certainly nothing like Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel or L'Oreal Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Oil, instead it stays oily with only the slightest bit of foam forming.

Performance: It removes a large bulk of makeup in one go, even a waterproof mascara, though bits can still linger between the lashes. It does need quite a while and gentle rubbing to get the mascara off, though the rest is much easier. I use a washcloth to remove it as it leaves a filter on the skin if it's just washed off. It does make the vision blurry as most oils I tried, which I admit, I find annoying. I've tried using it as an everyday cleanser, but like at all oil cleansers I've tried, my skin isn't as clear and in good condition as when I use balm or creamy cleansers. I prefer to use this as a makeup remover and then follow up with a creamy cleanser, so the double cleansing method. I liked it when I went on a holiday because I didn't need to take separate makeup removers and cleansers with me, but on long term, it's not the best thing for my skin if I use it on its own as a cleanser.

Scent: It has a very gentle scent that isn't particularly reminiscent of camomile, but it is a nice scent nonetheless.

Packaging: It gets an A+ for packaging from me. The pump is very handy and efficient. The bottle is plastic, so there's no worry it might break and there is no leaking, which is the last thing you want when dealing with an oil.


Price: it costs about 13 € for 200 ml in The Body Shop in Austria.

I love this as a makeup remover because it's fast, efficient and it even manages to take on a challenge of removing my super stubborn HynĂ´se waterproof mascara. I do find that I need to follow up with another cleanser to keep my skin in check, however, I think that those who don't have problems with oil cleansers with like this on its own.

Have a great day!
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