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I already posted a swatch of 22 Turquoise Block here and because I love the quality of these 1 seconde gel nail polishes, I got another colour, 22 In the Navy, which is a dark cobalt blue. Again, as with the Turquoise Block, the formula is very opaque, I can get away with one coat and I add another on nails where the application looks uneven.

I believe it's a new shade, a part of the Spring collection, I'm not sure if it's a LE or permanent, but there where four shades on display -  21 Sunny Sunday (bright yellow), 22 Turquoise Block, 23 In the Navy and a lilac one I didn't check the shade name. These cost 7€, but I got mine 25% off in Müller.

I was inspired to get a cobalt blue shade by one of the images on Pinterest, which featured bright red lips contrasted by cobalt blue nails (I think it was Nails inc. Baker Street which is lighter than In the Navy). For the life of me I can't find that picture anymore, but I loved that combination of colours. I did my version using MUA lipstick in 13 (I should have gone for something matte).

While in DM yesterday, I finally got the chance to check out the new Essie display and I absolutely fell in love with Cute as a Button and Turks and Caicos, but they cost 9.95 € each. I genuinely regret not buying them from Feel unique while they still sent them to my country. Oh, well...

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