Tips Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel 22 Turquoise Block

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I just love this colour!  22 Turquoise Block is a blue-green shade that is more green. It looks completely green is some lights and in some it looks more blue. The formula is really opaque, I applied just one coat on most nails in the picture and I added one more where the application was uneven. The brush is wide, which for me presents more of a problem than an advantage because I have narrow nails. I loved the quality so much that I got another shade, a cobalt-navy blue one - I'll post swatches sometime in the future.

I believe it's a new colour since it was on a new spring edition display. The colour immediately caught my attention, but I complained about the price and my awesome cousin decided to just buy it for me a as a mini gift. Of course, I forgot how much it was, but more that 5€.

Do you like the colour as much as me? Have a great day!
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