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I'm not the biggest fan of dark glossy shades, even if they are meant to be more of a stain because glossy and creamy usually equals messy. So I stick to matte, but I happened to get this jumbo crayon as a gift with purchase and it's not that bad. I had one of these before in what is I believe the most popular shade called Peach on a Beach and I must admit I was struggling to use it up, but where it ended up I don't actually know. It wasn't that it was bad, just not my cup of tea, as it was a strange shade on me and as I said I'm a matte girl. I think Plum Russian is a shade they added later and it's a typical autumnal colour.

Texture: These are softer than other such products I've tried. They appear to be waxy from the start, but at my old shade Peach on the Beach, the tip just broke off because it's such a soft, melty formula and after that it was even softer and super pigmented, fully opaque actually. This one however, is still semi-opaque with a glossy finish. These are very comfortable on the lips, though they have that weird waxy feeling, but as far as how moisturising they are, they are comparable to some waxier lip balms.

Colour: Plum Russian is a shade that's between a deep red and plum, so it's a great autumn shade. I applied several coats so you can see how much you can get out of it, but you can apply just one light coat which will give you a sheer layer of colour.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar on the eyes (Hazelnut, Hot Chocolate and Marzipan) Max Factor Lavish Mauve on the cheeks.

Staying power: It's a glossy semi-opaque shade and not as waxy as most such products, so don't expect it to last all day, but it will hang on for a few hours, however, the glossy finish will fade fast. 

Packaging: A classic crayon design with a twist up system. No need to sharpen this one. I can say from experience with Peach on a Beach that the writing comes of in time, so ends up looking very battered, even if you're careful with your makeup.

Closest shade I own is Catrice's Remarry Berry, but Plum Russian is sheerer. 

Scent: It has a perfumey scent, a floral fruity one.

Price and availability: I got it on Boots International as a gift with purchase, but it costs  £7.99 there. I believe it costs 8 € here.

Those who have frequently dry lips will love these. They are very comfortable and if you're looking for a nice autumnal bold shade, this one is very pretty. I blot it though, as I don't like such shades glossy and I get a nice plum stain. I love this shade especially in combination with a chocolate smoky eye.

Have a great day!
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