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This is my second shade of Bourjois' Contour Edition liners. The other shade I have is called Cotton Candy, which you can frequently see in my before/afters in foundation reviews and I love the formula so much, I always planned on getting more shades, but these aren't the cheapest drugstore lip liners. Cotton Candy is a very wearable light natural pink shade, while Nude Wave is a muted rosy brown shade that for some might be close to their natural lip colour.

I've already spoke about the formula in Cotton Candy's review, but it's one of those liners that's quite soft, yet not so much as the old Essence lipliner formula and it is still waxy enough that it retains enough precision and works as a standalone lip product. Pigmentation is great on both shades I own and the application is smooth, without skipping due to dryness. The softness does have a bad side and that is that it's one of those liners that needs to be sharpened often. 

Nude Wave is a muted rosy-brown shade that I just didn't expect will look so boring on me on its own. Regardless it's perfect to pair with my rosy-brown shades, like Golden Rose Velvet in 12 and Makeup Factory Velvet Rosewood. It's actually the colour I've needed for a while and everything I bought was too mauve.   

These are pretty expensive at 6.49 €, but I'm still considering getting the red shade.

Have a great day!
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