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This might just be my new favourite (cream) blush. Well, at least I'm certain it will be my most worn blush. Met Maybelline's Dream Blush in Peach (my most worn blush) cousin. Both are cream blushes which I prefer to powder ones because they are so easy and quick to apply. They have a very similar texture, except Bourjois one feels like it has more silicones in it, the finish is basically identical and even the colour is very similar. The main differences are that Bourjois comes in a better packaging, is smaller and has a mirror. I love my Maybelline blush, I actually own two colours, but the pot is not the best packaging when it comes to application, even though they feel well made.
The texture of Bourjois blush is a pleasure to use. It has a nicely pigmented, creamy and smooth formula that is easy to apply and blend. I tend to apply it with fingers because it's quickest, but brushes work as well. The finish is somewhere between satin and matte.

01 Nude Velvet is a light peach shade with some pink in it. It's pinker than Maybelline's Peach, however, I hardly notice the difference of the cheeks. It's a very natural looking blush and my favourite type of colour to wear on an every day basis.

It lasts the same as any other blush on my cheeks and I already said that no blush except Coralista lasts particularly long on me. The colour just fades from my cheek and disappears in a few hours (does that happen to anyone else?).

I tried to capture it on my cheeks, but no matter how much I applied, my camera wouldn't cooperate. This is the best I got. It's actually quite pigmented and shows up well on my pale skin. I'm also wearing it on the lips. It feels very dry as a lip colour and it looks peachy-nude.

Mine is from ASOS for 7€ (with a discount), while the regular price is about 10 €. As far as I'm aware these aren't and won't be available in Slovenia (I sincerely hope I'm wrong about the last part). I'm not sure about other countries apart from that it's available in UK and France. It's pretty much the same story as with Maybelline cream blushes.

This cream blush is fantastic and pretty much an improvement of my previous favourite. A better and more travel friendly packaging does it for me, even though it's 2 € more expensive than Maybelline's. If you happen to stumble upon them, I'd recommend both. I might get shade 03 Rose Tender as well.

Have a great day!
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