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I wasn't a fan of the very first version of Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (black cap) because it never set and consequently constantly transferred plus felt tacky, but I've been a loyal fan of the Serum version for years. However, unfortunately Bourjois' lightest shade in that range called 51 Light Vanilla, is a bit dark for me as well as very yellow. When they updated the Healthy Mix foundation for the second time, they added a lighter shade called 50 Rose Vanilla, so even because of that I was planning to get it, even if I happened not to like the texture, since finding a perfect match for pale skin is very difficult and any light shade can be used to mix with better, but darker foundations. What I realised was that the new version of Healthy Mix foundation is very similar to Serum version and that the new light shade is actually appropriately light, so this became an instant favourite.

Texture: I could basically just copy my review for Serum here because most of the things are the same. It's a liquid foundation with a light texture that blends like a dream and has this wonderful invisible finish that makes it very hard to tell you're wearing foundation. I'll always gladly sacrifice medium to full coverage for a natural finish, but that's just me and I admit I don't need much coverage in the first place. It doesn't emphasise pores or slip into lines, it merely retains the original skin texture (unlike most foundations on my skin that always make it look like its condition is far worse) and that's why I'm a fan of both Bourjois Healthy Mixes. However Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless goes a step further and fill up pores, therefore makes the base even smoother.

Coverage and finish: Unlike the very first version, this one already has a lighter coverage and it's very comparable to the light-medium coverage of Healthy Mix Serum. If you're looking for a lot of coverage, this won't be for you. Finish is again very similar to HMS, so healthy dewy, but more as at Serum and with time even on my skin, it can occasionally become too shiny. That's why in my eyes this is a foundation mostly designed for dry skin, also for combination, normal and dehydrated skin (it's one of the rare formulas that doesn't emphasise patches), but those for oily skin or oily T-zone will very likely hate it with passion.

Staying power: it's a dewy foundation with a light-medium coverage, so don't expect miracles. To be fair, I never check during the day how my foundation is holding up because I don't care, but without a setting powder/primer, it has difficulties staying on well. The 16h claim on the bottle is a straight up lie.

Scent: like most Bourjois foundations it's scented, heavily which I don't mind at all, in fact I rather enjoy it because it smells so lovely fruity.

Shade: Surprise, surprise, Bourjois has a shade with a pink undertone. How very unlike them. Shade 50 is perhaps a shade lighter than 51 and as I said with a pink undertone, though it could be a clearer pink tone like at Revlon Colorstay 110 Ivory, as now it's a bit too peachy. The latter makes it a bit apparent on my skin when you look at the neck and face, but overall, it's a pretty good match for my pale, neutral skin tone that's about NC/W10 (my matches are under About above, but my perfect match is Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless 100 Warm Ivory and Lumious + Smooth 110 Porcelain). The closest shades I own are Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless 110 Porcelain (more yellow), Manhattan Easy Match 30 Soft Porcelain (more true pink/neutral) and Tony Moly Pokemon Cushion #1 Skin Beige (a touch darker).

Packaging: I remember the pump breaking about a dozen times on my first bottle, but this one already feels so much better. The bottle is glass (Serum is plastic), but it's not terribly heavy.

Price and availability: Of course this shade isn't sold in Slovenia because pale people live only on the North pole (and Great Britain I guess), so I ordered it on Boots for £9.99. I tried getting it on Salma, but it was immediately sold out and not restocked for months. It's about 13-14 € in drugstores here, both Müller and DM have it unlike Serum which I think is only in Müller.

You'll like this one if you're already a fan of Serum, you have dry, normal or combination skin and also if you struggle with dehydrated skin that has dry patches. It's a very natural looking foundation on the skin, with the appearance like you're not wearing anything at all, but at the cost of higher coverage and staying power. It's got a nice dewy finish which looks very healthy at application, but those with any oiliness beware that it can turn into a greasefest. The new shade 50 Rose Vanilla is finally a step up at Bourjois foundations. It's not ideal as it could be more neutral and paler shades exist in the drugstore, but it's Snow White approved and the sheer, natural finish is very forgiving to possible mismatches in terms of undertone. I'm a fan, though I still like Serum a bit more, but the shade here wins.
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