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I was never a fan of face powders, at least I wasn't until I tried this one. My struggle with powders is that they always make the foundation look so flat, cakey and noticeable, but this one is a whole different story. It actually makes my foundation look better and less noticeable, but still sets the makeup and keeps oil at bay.

It's a light pink finely milled powder with micro shimmer and some larger glitter particlesWhen I first tried it on my hand in the shop, I was concerned that the shimmer will show up on the face, especially under artificial light or in the strong sun like at essence's shimmer pearls, but on the skin it's a transparent powder with no visible shimmer or glitter. The powder doesn't settle into pores or make the foundation look cakey and instead of the flat, matte look, it gives my skin that subtle radiance and luminosity. Some might describe the effect as glow-from-within, but I'm not a fan of that term. Though I wouldn't say that it has the retouching and blurring effect as some claim, it does make the foundation look better in an indescribable way. It works with most of my foundations, the only exception is Estee Lauders' Maximum Cover which is very matte and heavy, and putting any powder on top makes it terribly cakey. As a setting powder it works very well and manages to keep my foundation on much longer.

Left swatch was taken under artificial light (Phillips cool white bulb) and right in sunlight:

I'm wearing it over a mix of Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (51) and Rimmel Match Perfection foundation (010 Light Porcelain). I'm also wearing it in this post.

However, I want to point out that one day when my skin was more oily than usual, a noticeable oily glow appeared just under my eyes in that triangle to the end of the nose (just like at Cynthia). But that was only on one occasion and in general it's performance on me was faultless. By the way, my skin is normal and occasionally just a bit oily on my T-zone.

The powder has a strong, floral fragrance, which I believe is the scent of violets.

It looks like they really made an effort with the packaging trying to make it as effective as possible, but as all loose powders it's still messy. It has a plastic cover that swivels around to reveal a set of small holes that dispense the product if you gently shake it. However, it appears that they didn't make it tight enough and the powder comes out even without turning the plastic. To avoid a cloud of powder everywhere, I simply shake the powder with the lid on.

I love it and it's become a part of my everyday routine. After all the cakey powders I tried, I finally found something that is right up my alley - a lovely translucent setting powder that adds radiance to the skin and makes my foundation look better. I'm kind of lemming Hourglass Ambient Powders now, since I hear they are even better than this.
While it works for my skin, I would be a bit more cautious if your skin is oily. In that case, I'd put it over a layer of mattifying powder. 

I got mine on Boots international for £9.99, but it used to be sold in our drugstores and I have no idea why it disappeared.

Have a great day!
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