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The long awaited Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons finally reached our shops. I've kept away from the lip chubby sticks/crayons/jumbo pens craze and never found it even remotely interesting, but I caved when I saw Peach on the Beach. Now, granted every (British) blogger and their mother swatched this colour, but what's one more. 

This is my first such product if I don't count NYX Jumbo pencil in Deep Red that I've had for ages, and I bought one more since (Catrice if you're wondering). I'll just say it - I don't get what the fuss is about. It's not the easiest application and though I agree it looks practical, it feels odd. 
Texture is very creamy and the tip melted in the heat wave we're having. I had to store it in the fridge. It feels sufficiently moisturising on my lips. Pigmentation is nice for such a light colour, a couple of swipes is enough for a semi-transparent application. The finish is quite glossy at first, but becomes creamier in time. 

Peach on the Beach is a light peachy pink shade and it looks great swatched on my hand. However, on my lips it looks very pink, basically just a warm pink with a hint of peach. My cousin, who owns the same colour, commented that it looks more orange on her. It does stain my lips into a medium pink shade after an hour and latter applications look much darker compared to the first. I had difficulties taking pictures, not just because my camera can't handle coral or peach, but also because it looks so different after an hour. Staying power nice, but not ground breaking. The stain lasts up to a half a day, but usually less.
To be completely honest, I find the colour a bit boring on me. I own far prettier peachy shades, but it might grow on me more in time. It definitely looked very promising when I swatched it. I haven't even worn it a lot since I bought it and I completely switched to Catrice (I'll do a review soon).

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