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I've already gushed about this concealer in my New in (also quickly in February favourites) and I have to say again that I'm seriously impressed by it. I saw it the minute it was released on Boots International. It wasn't even advertised, merely quietly added to the range, but I was so tempted to just throw in the basket despite not knowing what the shades look like - note to Bourjois, send these to good bloggers before the launch so they can properly swatch them, or swatch them yourself, I don't care, just that they exist somewhere. I've heard nothing but rave reviews about this concealer and you're about to hear some more from me. I initially dismissed it due to an unfortunate shade selection, as the lightest shade is a bit orange and dark looking for my Snow White complexion, but I caved under peer pressure and just got it. Besides, Bourjois has yet to disappoint me with their bases in terms of quality (shade ranges are of course a whole different thing). I've had this concealer for quite a while now and I've been basically using it daily since I got it, not just as a concealer, but also as an improvised foundation. I think this is the best concealer we can buy in Slovenia by a mile.

Texture: It's quite a light consistency, most similar to Maybelline's Fit Me, which is much more liquid than for example Collection's, Revlon's and Nars' concealers. Due to such texture it looks so natural on the skin, it just sort of melts in similarly like their Healthy Mix Serum and CC Cream. I'm of course a massive fan of such effect, hence why I've been enjoying wearing it so much. I've started using it all over the face as an improvised foundation, simply because it's so easy to apply in a hurry and it works perfectly. This concealer looks better than any foundation I currently own or at least it's very similar to Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, which is my all-time favourite.

Coverage and finish: It covers about medium with one coat. I do two on more problematic areas and it covers it well enough for me. Not like Collections', but decently. People say it brightens up their under eye area, but I don't notice that mainly because the shade is dark for my skin. It does make it look healthy though. I like any concealer that looks like healthy skin, so this one gets two thumbs up from me. It can slip into lines, so I would set it with a powder. I'm not sure what finish it leaves because my skin is currently at a stage when everything looks satin-matte on it, as it's drier than usual.

Staying power: I notice nothing special when it comes to staying power. The thing is that it looks like skin and it fades so nicely, it's hard to tell when it's actually gone. Of course it doesn't last like Collection's or Nars' Radiant Creamy concealer, but it lasts well enough in my books. I can't tell you in hours because I have better things to do in life than constantly checking in the mirror, but it should survive a regular work day on normal skin.

Colour: Shade 01 Ivory does look a bit too peachy/orange when I apply it on the skin, but it blends out very well, so I don't really see it being too dark for me. I don't quite know how that works, I'm just happy that it does. I would still feel more secure if the shade was the same as 21 Ivory in CC Eye Cream range. 

Packaging: A small tube with a doe foot applicator. The shape and size is the same as their Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks.

Scent: Concealer has a strong, but really lovely floral scent. 

Price and availability: I got mine in Müller for 8.69 €. It's not cheap, but still acceptable considering that the tube isn't as embarrassingly small as the CC Eye Cream.

I've got to say, I'm pretty impressed. I love how it looks on the skin, the coverage is enough for me on most days and it wears well. To me Maybelline's the Eraser and this one are neck to neck. If you like high coverage, I suspect you won't like it as much, but check other people reviews for more opinions. I'm still disappointed by the shade range, not just for us Snow Whites, but also for darker skin tones. It appears that Bourjois focused only on making a handful of shades in their foundation ranges that mostly cater light-medium skin tones. Notable exception is Healthy Mix (Serum), but that was released five years ago, since then it's been mostly downhill. Well, it's their loss, they are the ones losing a large chunk of the market. I would so love to try the City Radiance foundation, but the shades are just was too dark.

Have a great day!
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