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Rouge Edition are Bourjois classic selection of lipsticks and despite falling in love with the formula, in all the years I never ventured past this shade called 11 Fraise Remix. I've owned the older versions of Bourjois lipsticks and believe me when I say, when these came out, they were a massive leap forward. I still think these are some of the best drugstore lipsticks, though other brands quite quickly caught up after the launch of these.

Fraise Remix is a bright coral shade that is pretty good on the pink vs. orange ratio. Even I can pull it off without it looking orange on me. I've since found it's a dupe of Lancome's Rouge in Love in 340B Rose Boudoir and like always I need to point out that I'm very pale, so on darker skin tones this will look pinker and lighter.

The formula now sounds very basic, since it's a classic nicely pigmented lipstick with a smooth formula and a creamy finish. It's quite light, which at the time when this range was new, was very hard to find. It's was one of the first ones that didn't feel like it has a ton of heavy wax in it. It's not drying and it doesn't settle into lines, plus the staying formula is impressive for a creamy lipstick as you get several hours of wear out of it.

The price, though, is really high for a drugstore lipstick. It retails for 10.95 € in Müller which is definitely not cheap , but it is great quality that I believe can match with some high end brands. 

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