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My love for Rouge Edition Velvets is well documented on this blog, particularly of the shade Nude-ist, which is one of my absolute favourite shades and formulas. From all the shades available I own six: 02 Frambourjois, 05 Olé Flamingo, 07 Nude-ist, 08 Grand Gru and the latest two are 09 Happy Nude Year and 14 Plum Plum Girl. These vary greatly in terms of quality of the formula from shade to shade. Grand Gru is a very difficult shade to work with, especially when it's old and Nude-ist is one of the most perfect matte lip creams I've ever tried. But they are all long-wearing, matte and to me comfortable on the lips.

Texture: These have a mousse type of formula that greatly varies from shade to shade. At some shades like Nude-ist, you get a fully opaque layer of colour in one swipe, but at shades like Grand Cru a great deal of layering and waiting for the layers to dry is required. Both Happy Nude Year and Plum Plum Girl are one of those that require two layers, but since Plum Plum is darker, it's a bit more difficult to work with than the other. But once they set, you get a great, long wearing matte lip colour and that's why I love these. They also don't set into this uniform, tight layer as some such products I've tried. Plum Plum girl doesn't transfer once it sets. By the way, I do this type of method of application of these: one layer of product, blot and then add another. Works like a charm.

09 Happy Nude Year
Freshly applied above and after it sets bellow.

Happy Nude Year is a peachy shade with only hints of pink on me. On my friend who is about two shades darker, it's the most stunningly gorgeous peachy-pink ever. I should have known I'm not so lucky. Get this one if you have a medium skin tone or just like peachy shades. It's not bad, just not what I hoped for. 

 On the eyes it's Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (Hazelnut, Haute Chocolate and Marzipan). Blush is Max Factor Creme Puff 20 Lavish Mauve.

 14 Plum Plum Girl
 Freshly applied above and after it sets bellow.

Plum Plum Girl is a stunning shade though. It's my type of shade, since it's one of those red-pink-purple mixes I love so much. It's a deep magenta-purple shade that is like a mix between D for Danger and Rebel, but I don't have a real dupe for this one. It dries to a great matte finish.

Comparison with other shades: the discontinued Essence Stay Matte Lip Cream in Berry Smoothie, Milani Amore Lip Creme in Gorgeous, MAC D for Danger and MAC Rebel. It's closest to D for Danger, but not as red and not as bright.

Staying power: These hang on for a really long time. Depending on what you're doing it can look decently even at the end of the day, but then sometimes you're left only with a cracked see-through stain. When I want a long wearing lip colour that will last me though drinking and eating, I tend to reach for these, especially Nude-ist as that one wears the nicest.

Packaging: The packaging is a square tube, standard at Bourjois lip products and it has a doe foot applicator that is one of the simplest to use.

Scent: These two shades have a much sweeter scent than original shades I've tried. I remember so many people complained about the scent of those, but I never minded it.

Price and availability: I got these two shades from Boots International for £8.99, since they are not sold here. They cost about the same here (12 € I think), which is expensive, but in the case of Nude-ist, Plum Plum Girl and Frambourjoise, they are so worth it.

All of my Rouge Editions Velvet: 02 Frambourjoise (a rose-red shade), 05 Olé Flamingo (warm hot pink, basically a warm version of 06 Pink Pong), 07 Nude-ist (muted medium rosy nude shade), 08 Grand Cru (deep red), 09 Happy Nude Year and 14 Plum Plum Girl.

Since the first four shades aren't exactly new (Grand Cru will be two years old soon), they don't perform as well any more. Frambourjoise lost its intensity and became more oily and Grand Cru is now an absolute nightmare to work with. Nude-ist is still perfect, but it's less than a year old. 

02 Frambourjoise (a rose-red shade), 05 Olé Flamingo (warm hot pink), 07 Nude-ist (muted medium rosy nude shade), 08 Grand Cru (deep red), 09 Happy Nude Year, 14 Plum Plum Girl.

Have a great day!
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