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After being seriously impressed by the gorgeous matte finish of 08 Grand Cru, two more Rouge Edition Velvets joined my collection. I've often spoken about Velvets in my recent posts and they were featured in several favourites, so the time has come for me to finally post the swatches of the other two. 

I won't go into too much detail about the formula, since I already covered that at length in my review for the shade 08 Grand Cru and it's pretty much the same one. However, 02 Framboujoise and 05 Olé Flamingo do indeed have a much smoother and more pigmented formula, yet they still need two layers for an opaque and even finish. Again it takes about 15 minutes for them to set to a velvet-matte finish and both have the same fantastic staying power as Grand Cru, so they can last very long provided they don't come in contact with anything greasy.

I had such difficulties swatching Grand Cru again, but on the lips it's much easier to build up the colour.

02 Frambourjoise
This is one of my favourite shades at the moment, I seriously flippin' adore it. It's a rose-red-pink that is a perfect mix between a fun and a glamorous colour. Unlike the other two shades, it never fully dries to a matte finish, rather it stays a bit creamy.

05 Olé Flamingo
Is a super bright, fuchsia pink with a warm undertone. As far as I can tell it's a very similar shade to Pink Pong, except that one has a blue undertone. This shade has without a doubt the best formula out of the three. It's smooth, very pigmented and dries to the perfect velvet-matte finish.

Like I said in my Grand Cru post, applying these needs a bit more effort and they require time to set, but the finish is beautiful. As I suspected Grand Cru is the hardest shade to work with and others have a much better, smoother formula. 

These cost about 12€ in drugstores. For those who can't get them in their country they are sold on Feel Unique, Boots International and Asos.

Have a great day!
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