Tips Bourjois Rouge Velvet the Lipstick 14 Brownette and 16 Caramelody

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BOURJOIS Rouge Velvet the lipstick
14 Brownette and 16 Caramelody
These are my second pair of this lipstick formula so I already reviewed them in depth here. Bourjois added new nude shades to the original line up and I've seen four here in Slovenia: a nude peach, a pinky mauve and these two brown ones I got. Admittedly I'm not a fan of the shades because I never liked brown tones on me, so I already sent them to another blogger Petra, who is enjoying these a lot more than me (Caramelody is in her last favourites) and she'll probably post swatches too where you'll see how these look on someone with a warmer skin tone (in the meantime check how shade 02 looks on her. It's the one I want most). I said in my review that this is my second favourite lipstick formula (favourite out of the ones that are sold in Slovenia) and I love them because they have such a smooth and light formula, which sets to a proper matte finish. Staying power of these is also great and they don't feel drying to me. Check the original review if you're interested in more details. These cost 13.89 €.

 16 Caramelody

16 Caramelody is a medium caramel brown which has some greyness to it, at least on my neutral skin tone.

14 Brownette 

16 Brownette is a warm dark brown.

BOURJOIS Levres Contour Edition
14 Sweet brown-ie

Another brown shade, so it's no longer in my collection, but I have two other shades of these lipliners (01 Nude Wave and 02 Cotton Candy), which are together with Essence's Soft Contouring my favourites (these are better, but more expensive). Formula is soft and easy to apply, but waxy enough to stay in place. Sweet Brownie is a similar shade to Brownette, so a dark brown shade, but it's a even warmer version of the colour, with some orange tones to it.
These cost 6.49 €.

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