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I feel like I've written this sentence a million times, but here it is again: I use waterproof mascaras on a daily basis because they keep the lashes curled, since my straight eyelashes drop like a stone if I use a regular formula (picture of my natural lashes here). Normally I reach for high-end mascaras as they actually perform like I expect them to, but I set upon finding a more affordable waterproof option that would hold the curl well. Volume 1 Seconde was on my wishlist since its release and now I've been using it for about 1-2 months. Honestly, I find it average, even now that the formula got a bit drier. 

The brush is a plastic one with small dense bristles and between them are small balls that I have no idea to what purpose they serve. In terms of formula and performance, I'd say it's a classic mascara with a plastic wand meaning it defines very well and gives length, while volume is not exactly its forte, however, for me it's enough. You can layer it, which obviously results in more volume, but I don't do that as more product on my lashes just weighs them down. As far as holding the curl is concerned, it's no where near my favourite Hypnôse, it's actually quite poor in that department. Sometimes it holds the curl for several hours, but the lashes drop slowly and sometimes the lashes just drop like a rock soon after application making me look like I have a lazy eye. 

All in all it's a pretty average mascara meaning it's good, but not amazing. It's lengthening and separates the lashes nicely, but if you're looking for a lot of volume, maybe try something else with a classic brush. Its curl holding capabilities aren't something to write home about and if it weren't for that I'd rate it as a good mascara. I won't even address the 1 second claim because it's utterly ridiculous.

I bought my tube in Müller for 14.25 €, which is not exactly cheap for a drugstore mascara.

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