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Colorburst Matte Balm in Enchanting and Fiery (Fall 2015)
Four new shades were released this Autumn and they are permanent as far as I know, however, in Slovenia only these two are available. I got the lightest and the darkest shade called Enchanting and Fiery. I already own Unapologetic from before and it's the same formula, so nicely creamy jumbo lip pencils that just glide on the lips and have more of a creamy-matte finish. These don't have the staying power of a proper matte lip colour, but they last well for standard creamy lipsticks and of course, the darker the colour, the longer it lasts, so Fiery is pretty good. They have a minty scent and even tingle a bit on the lips, but don't have a plumping effect.

An apricot nude shade. Based on how it looks in the tube, I expected something brown and ugly, but it really surprised me on the lips. I think it's a lovely nude, especially for those with a warm skin tone.


This may be the darkest in the bunch, it's certainly the darkest shade sold here and it's a burgundy shade with a mix of some brown and a hint of berry tones. It's a not fully opaque shade with one application,  I mean it's close, but burgundies tend to be very intense and this one isn't quite, but it is with two coats. Due to the shape it's one of the easiest such shades to apply and you don't really need a lip liner, at least until you don't ruin the shape too much. 

Links to reviews: Essence Hidden Secret, Milani Darling (I'll have a full review on the blog), Essence Lovely Frappuccino, Essence Sparkling Miracle and Sleek Minx

Photoready Prime + Anti-Shine Prime
A new primer by Revlon and they envisioned it as a travel friendly compact that you can use on a go either under foundation or over it, or you can even wear it on its own. It's definitely one of the best mattifying product I've tried and without the powdery-ness. 

It's a silicone based product so it creates this smooth, velvet layer on the skin. Because the skin is so smooth, it feels so soft and you just can't stop touching it, however, if you have a problem with silicones, this won't be for you. I think this is just perfect for very oily skin because it really keeps oiliness at bay and you can really use it over makeup because it's light and transparent, so it doesn't ruin anything. I wouldn't use this on dry skin, as it's too light and it prevents the any oils from breaking through, so it'll look very draining on you. There is a chance it will stick to dry patches, though I haven't experienced that, but now that it's colder I switched back to my old favourite Max Factor All Day Primer. It promises to hide pores as well and I prepared a before/after for you, so you can see its effect which isn't that impressive. It works to a certain degree, but  L'Oreal's Infallible foundation is miles better at this task. 

The product is in a compact and you can apply it with fingers or with an added sponge. It may seem gross to some to stick fingers in such products, but I think that this products meshes with the skin better with some heat from the fingers.  

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum over Revlon's Primer. The picture looks so pale due to rainy weather conditions:

Picture of primer's ingredients here.

Photoready Kajal 350 Matte Expresso
I already said everything I had to say about this pencil in my New in post, but here you get to see it in action. The quality of it is brilliant. It's soft, it transfers well on the waterline, it's not harsh at all when you're drawing with it on the eyes and can be easily smudged if you want to. The staying power is insane. I applied it at 11 am in the waterline and checked again at 11 pm and it was still there. You don't want to know when took my makeup off and I went to sleep, but it was still hanging in the waterline. I'd say less than a half was gone, but from far away the effect was still the same, so pretty damn good. The colour is a deep cool toned brown that is a great alternative to black. I like to use this under my lower lashes, to give my eyes some definition.

Smoked out (with Enchanting on the lips):

Prices: Revlon Colorbust Matte Balms 10.89 €, PhotoReady Prime + Anti Shine Balm 13.59 € (47.9g), Photoready kajal 9.80 €. All prices from Click2Chic. They are probably the same or a bit higher in Müller.

Have a great day!
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