Tips Catrice 59 First Class Up-Grape Ultimate Nail Lacquer

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I am very boring when it comes to nail polishes. I change the colour on my nails once a week or less and I always wear the same few colours. So it's rare that a nail polish grabs my attention in the shop as I'm the one who likes to see things swatched on the blogs first, but this one caught my eye, due to a very intriguing colour. In the bottle it looks like a beautiful warm plum with tiny red shimmer. I expected to have the same result on my nails, but on me it's a lot more purple than in the bottle. I'd love it if it looked like it does on Nihrida's nails (who does way better swatches and nail polish application than I ever will), but I guess it doesn't work that well with my skin tone. Nonetheless it's a very pretty shade.

I know the application looks shoddy, but my Seche Vite has thickened to an useless state. 

The formula is irritating, though. I find it a bit too thick and it's difficult to get an even application - uncommon for such a shade, but like most nail polishes it needs two layers. The brush is ridiculous. Sure it looks like it might work and it's wide, but the rounded shape was just a bad idea.

Have a great day!
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