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This may just be one of the most comfortable lip product ever. I didn't really plan to get this as I already owned Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in the past (way, way before the hype, when it was still 15 €), until someone nicked it and I never thought of it as being anything particularly special, at least not so much that I would run to repurchase it, but when I saw these Catrice ones in DM, I just instinctively grabbed one. I actually think it's a very good dupe for the Clarins one, but Taya did a more comprehensive comparison of the two.

Texture: It's a super creamy lip gloss and to me it's like a lip balm/lip gloss hybrid. There is none of that cooling wetness that some more shiny glosses have, just a really comfortable creaminess. It's going to sound strange, but it's like a cosy blanket for the lips (you'll get it if you already tried it). It think this is the perfect product for colder months, when the lips tend to get dry. 

Colour: There are three shades available and I decided on the peachiest one, however, I doubt there is much difference on the lips between the three. Apricot Cream is, as the name suggests, an apricot nude shade. On the lips there is very little of the actual colour showing, though it does have the nude effect. On me it's quite a draining colour since I'm so pale, as is the natural colour of my lips, but some people like that anyway (here is how it looks on Petra, whose lips appear to be not as pale as mine). Besides, the nude colour doesn't last long, although the creamy gloss layer remains.  

Staying power is nothing special for a gloss. Most of it wears off fast, although a thin creamy layer persists for a while. It certainly doesn't survive eating or drinking. My issue with it is that, the same as Clarins' one, due to that creaminess,  sometimes it gets a bit odd when it's wearing off, like it's peeling and there are weird bits on the lips, but then I just wipe it off and apply it again.

Scent: It has a gentle scent of vanilla, which I find pleasant.

Packaging: An opaque squeeze tube with a fluffy applicator. These fluffy applicators are very comfortable to use, however, I suppose some might object to them due to hygienic issues. I find it lovely.

Price and availability: Mine is from DM for 3.79 €.

It's such a wonderful, creamy and balmy lip gloss that it feels quite luxurious on the lips. The colour is very nude for my liking and wish they had shades with more colour, but it's pretty nonetheless. It's a nice drugstore buy, especially for these colder months and a great product for those who like more demure lip looks.

Have you tried it? Have a great day! 
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