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Last year Catrice released a whole new range of nail polishes called CC Care & Conceal. These promise to make your nails stronger and healthier because they contains keratin, but my nails are already strong and healthy, so those benefits don't really interest me, but I was drawn to them because of a beautiful collection of nude shades. I got the peachy one in the bunch called Apricot Skin-Fit.

On me it's more of a pastel apricot than a proper nude, but of course the darker your skin tone, the less apparent that apricot tone will be. Formula is a thick pastel one that requires two, sometimes three coats, but it so much better than for example Essie's Fiji or Barry M's Road Rage. The brush works great and these (new) Catrice brushes are a pretty good fit for me. As far as these long term results are concerned, I noticed nothing worth mentioning.

Karen from Innen & Aussen swatched the entire collection here. If you're looking for affordable nude full coverage nail polishes, these are lovely. The price in Müller is 2.89 €. 

Have a great day!
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