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You may know that Catrice's Defining Blushes are my favourite ever blushes. They are excellent for the price and boast with a lovely formula, good pigmentation and, most importantly, staying power. My favourite shade is Rose Royce, which is a gorgeous natural rosey colour, while the other, Think Pink, is an adorable and highly pigmented warm cute pink. Since Catrice finally added several new shades to the range, two joined my collection - Pink feat. Coral and Mandy-rine. 
Shades in the first picture are as follows: 020 Rose Royce, 025 Pink feat. Coral, 040 Think Pink and 090 Mandy-rine.

Pink feat. Coral

Pink feat. Coral is a light-medium warm pink shade. There is a lot less coral in it than you'd expect from the name, in fact, it's much closer a baby doll pink colour and has little in common with, for example, Benefit's Coralista. It's a very cute colour on my cheeks, giving that I-just-came-from-the-cold flush, but without the cool undertones, so it doesn't pop as much as for example Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer in O'Boy.  The finish is matte. As all Catrice blushes it's pigmented, blends well on the cheeks and last forever on me. A more muted and slightly more coral version among Catrice blushes would be 020 Coral Me Maybe from the Illuminating Blushes range.

 090 Mandy-rine

Mandy-rine is, as the name suggests, a toned down orange or a apricot shade. If I really go to town with it, it does look orange on my skin, like a fluorescent orange no less, so just to be on a save side, a light hand is advised at this shade if you're pale (I imagine it should work great on warm medium skin tones). Applied lightly it works nice, giving a natural-peachy flush, but still I would pair this with nude, red or orange based lipsticks as it will clash with pinks. The finish is matte and the formula akin to the rest of the range.

These cost 3.79 € in drugstores.

 Which is your favourite? Have a great day!
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