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HD Liquid Coverage Precision concealer is a new product by Catrice for spring/summer 2018 and it's the first concealer I've seen with such a precise applicator that's meant for covering small imperfections like spots. It exists in three shades and I have the lightest one called 010 Light Beige.

Texture: It's the same thing as the Liquid Camouflage concealer, so the lightest formula that I tried out of the high coverage concealers. It blends easily either with fingers, a sponge or a brush. Like at Liquid Camouflage this has one those kind of cakey looking finishes if you layer it which I'm not a fan of (you can see it in the pictures I hope), but it's only apparent if the base underneath isn't smooth, which at spots it never is.

Bottom left picture: One layer of product. Bottom right picture: Three layers.

Coverage and finish: Since the formula is lighter than the competition's, it covers a bit less, which is especially apparent at spots because you need to layer it. Coverage is medium to full, meaning it covers about 70-80% of the spot, but strong redness can shine through. I had this concealer since end of January, but I delayed posting a proper review because I wanted to test and take pictures when I had an actual spot, which happened only yesterday. I hope you can see well how it performs, though my spot isn't that terrible (I got it due to testing new skin care), but I tried to show you how it works with one layer and then how I would normally apply this, so until I feel the spot is covered enough. Finish is matte, but you have time to blend it in and it doesn't set too fast. You can also see how cakey it can look and it also is a bit darker than my skin tone, so it's not a perfect match. I also did a before/after under the eyes (pictures bellow were taken a week ago, while the one above today), so you can see how it works there as well. By the way, my skin is currently normal with an oily forehead, also I'm still at about NC/W10.

Staying power: Like at Liquid Camouflage I wish this had a better staying power. It lasts well the first few hours, but then it starts to slowly disappear. After five hours my red blemish mark was already visible, but I didn't use a powder, since I'm currently not using any. I said in my review of Look concealer that is has a better staying power and performs better on spots.

Shade: I have the lightest shade called 010 Light Beige which is similar to 005 in Liquid Camouflage concealer, but a bit lighter. It's light, but not as light at Collection or Look. It's about NC15 with a yellow undertone. For comparison of 005 Liquid Camouflage with others shades check the original review.

Packaging: The main feature of the concealer is a thin silicone nib applicator (they call it a brush, but it's not). The concept itself is great, just apply a dot of concealer just on the spot where needed and then tap it in with a finger for a more natural looking effect. You can be very precise with it, but you can also apply more product on larger areas, like under the eyes. The slim tube contains 2.5 ml of product, which is a half of the Liquid Camouflage.

Price and availability: It's sold in drugstores for 3.79 €. Online you can get Catrice on Cosmetic4less.

I don't think this is a product that you desperately need, as regular concealers and a small brush do the same job, plus the formula is the same as the Liquid Camouflage, so nothing new. However, if you're drawn to the concept and you'd like it for the applicator alone, go for it. You can even reuse the applicator when the tube is empty and have it instead of a brush. Coverage could be improved compared to its larger counterpart Liquid Camouflage because it is a product that is meant for covering spots and staying power could be better too, but both things can be fixed by layering and using some powder.

Have a great day!

*PR product.
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