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In the latest line update, Catrice added a new shade to their Illuminating blush range called La Vie En Rose. I'm a big fan of Catrice blushes, they really are high quality and I have a couple of these from the original line-up, so the ones with the checkers pattern. As far as I know the shades stayed the same after they changed the design, but looking at them in the shop, I'm not so sure. (The original) I'm Nuts About You is one of my favourite blushes ever and Coral Me Maybe is pretty too, though not as good, so I don't wear it often. La Vie En Rose is much lighter than those two when swatched and unlike previous versions it actually has that illuminating finish described in the name.

Texture: The texture is much like the old version, so smooth, soft/slightly creamy to the touch and easy to blend. It's the lightest shade in the bunch, but it still has plenty of colour pay off, it just looks deceivingly less pigmented because it's so light. It doesn't have a proper illuminating sheen like for example Hot Mama by TheBalm, but it does have some tiny shimmer in it that give a subtle glow.

Colour: La Vie En Rose is a not the best name for this shade because it's a sheer muted peach shade. It gives a subtle peachy flush to the cheeks and it shows up well on my skin, but it's not a typical uplifting shade like Essence's Peach Me up for example. Because it's a muted shade, it's very easy to wear, and should work with almost any makeup, but maybe it's better on warm skintones. 

Staying power: Catrice blushes tend to last well on me and this one is no exception. I can get several hours of wear and these vastly outlast Essence Silky Touch blushes.

Packaging: Catrice's standard see-though plastic case. It closes well and isn't flimsy.

Price and availability: I got it in Müller for 4.29 €.

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