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I've just repurchased this liner which makes it one of only two that I bought again and I've tried a lot of liners (you can see all in this post), so this is quite a big deal for me. I use eyeliner every day, but I'm very picky and always find a fault in each, so I move on to a completely different one when they dry out. I could already say that I found "the one" if it weren't by Catrice, which means it has about one in a million chance it'll actually stay in the regular line for the next couple of years (man, do they love to discontinue stuff, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for this liner). This is actually my first "dip it type" liquid eyeliner in a really long time, as I've been staying away from them in favour of pen eyeliners and the reason is because a great proportion of liquid eyeliners have either an annoying flimsy brush for an applicator or some other weird shape, but this one actually has a decent applicator.

This has a felt tip applicator that's similar to those at pen liners. I've had a few dip liquid liners from Essence and they either had a very scratchy hard stick or a regular brush, which put me off these liners, but this Catrice version's is quite lovely. It's soft enough, but not too flexible that it'll be difficult to control. It's a bit larger than I'd wish to, so I end up with a bit bulkier lines that I've worn in the past and I can't do a baby wing, but it's still fine. The applicator tends to fray as it ages, but I was able to just pull off those stray pieces and it was fine.

Formula is very black, blacker and more intense than at any pen eyeliner I've tried. You get plenty of colour with one dip for both eyes and you don't get any gaps. It's very liquid from the start and needs time to dry, so you need to be careful not to open the eyes too wide causing the liner to transfer to the crease. Once this dries it has a perfect matte finish. 

Colourpop Lumiere on the lips.

Staying power of this is very good, though a lot of liners stay well on my lids because they aren't oily. On occasion a wing will fade a bit and I had some flaking, but mostly it looks pretty good. It can easily stay for all day if I don't rub my eyes.

My first tube lasted me four months. It's still got colour, but there's not enough liquid in it anymore, meaning I can't do such sharp lines anymore. I expected it to last longer, despite the fact I've been using it every day, but I thought it'll last at for a least two months more like some pen liners can (L'Oreal's Superstar) and I was 100% sure it will outlast pen eyeliners by a mile, but I can deal with the fact it gets drier faster than expected, since it's affordable. 

The packaging is very simple, nothing fancy and the cap is long enough that it's easy to hold. 

I bought it in Müller for 3.79 €. 

TL;DR version: a great affordable liquid liner that's intensely black and has a completely matte finish. It has a felt tip applicator like most pen liners and it lasts great on the lids. Recommended.

Have a great day!
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