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Normally I don't pay much attention to limited editions, I'm just put off by the whole concept, but when I saw this blush, it landed in my shopping basket in a blink of an eye. It's been a bumpy road with this blush and I only had it for a week or so. The reason why I'm posting a review so quickly (well at least for what I'm used to) is that's it's a limited edition item. It was love at first sight, then a disappointment and then I started liking it again - I told you it was bumpy.

So I have this one colour of blushes that I love and buy dupes of them with that defiant "They're not the same, they're similar" stance that secretly even I don't believe. Oh, the lies we tell ourselves to make us feel better *she glances at her ever growing mint green nail polish collection*. Some of you might have noticed it yourself if you saw this blush in person that it is similar to I'm Nuts About You from the Illuminating Blush range and it's also in the same colour family as my beloved Rose Royce from the Defining Blush range. Flushed-Fixion is a warm natural shade or kind of a muted pink and is only a hint cooler than Nuts About You, while it's less intense as well as less warm than Rose Royce. This translates into a lovely fresh, but subtle flush on the cheeks. Unlike the other two before mentioned blushes, this one has, as the name of the collection implies, a glowy/luminous finish on the cheeks Just think of it as Catrice's version of Max Factor's Creme Puffs. Basically this shade is what I wanted and expected MF's Lavish Mauve to be. Of course, Catrice likes to think that Nuts About You is illuminating, well not on my cheeks it isn't. But no matter, they got there eventually, even if it is a limited edition. 

So now to why things have been so bumpy. I obviously loved the colour straight away and shoved it into my shopping basket in 0.0002 seconds after seeing it, so I didn't check the pigmentation well. At home I discovered that the pigmentation is very poor and I needed several layers for the colour to show up. Naturally I was quite disappointed and even that illuminating effect was weaker than I expected. Thankfully, now that broke through the top layer, the pigmentation is much better. The interesting pattern is subsequently quickly disappearing, but I'm much happier with the blush than I was a week ago. The illuminating effect is nice as well, though you won't see it on my pictures because my poor Galaxy couldn't pick it up. It's more of a subtle to medium strength sheen, so some might be disappointed if they like super glowy cheeks, but for me it enough. As far as staying power goes, I don't think it's as good as Defining Blushes, but it's still nice, especially for drugstore blushes. 

In the end it did end up to be all I wanted Lavish Mauve to be, so just a simple natural-pinky blush with an illuminating effect. I'm glad this landed in my shopping basket. I got mine in Müller for 4.29 € and I've seen this collection in many places. There is also a very interesting highlighter in this collection that I'm still pondering whether to get or not, while Taya reviewed a bright pink lipstick from called Pink MATTrix.

Did you get or do you plan to get anything from this collection?
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