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I fully expected I would dislike this, after all it is a stain type of product that I never got along with, but dammit I like it. I didn't even buy it myself. I saw them the day they were released in the shop, swatched them and due to the texture I decided against buying them. But then my cousin bought one and later regretted the decision of picking such a bold colour (which really suits her despite what her other friends might say), so she gave it to me. And I honestly thought I will just review it and then it'll lay forgotten in my stash, but I think this is going to get some wear. 

Texture: It feels like a lip gloss-stain hybrid. It's not as thin as a stain would be, but thicker like a gloss. It applies really evenly which pleasantly surprised me for such a product. The colour doesn't just stick on the driest patches, rather it looks like a regular intense lip gloss. It's slightly sticky from the start, but not any more when it sets/dries.

Colour: A bright fuchsia pink. The finish is glossy and the colour is really intense. The stain it leaves is really strong and it takes some rubbing to get it off.  

Staying power: It says it stays 8 hours. It does. Well, the stain does, but the glossiness disappears in an hour or so. The stain actually lasts way longer on me. This is a picture that I took 12 hours later (the first  one with the actual swatch was taken at 11:32 AM, and the second at 11.29 PM. I didn't do any retouching in the mean time). The stain was still intense by then, though it did leave the drier (flaky) parts of the lips with more colour as all stains do. However, due to the intensity of colour, it actually looked decent enough for me if not looking  from very close. 

Scent: It has a plasticy fruity scent that actually I kinda like. It reminds me of something, I think that some car cleaning stuff. I don't know, I'm weird.

Packaging: A black tube with a doe foot applicator. The applicator has the same kind of "depression" as Rimmel's Apocalips, which means that there is enough colour on the applicator for application.
Price and availability: These are sold in Müller for 5.19 €.

Yup, this gets my seal of approval. While I dismissed them in the shop, I'm glad I had the chance to try one out. I genuinely like it, even though it's lip gloss-like and I like this shade on me. I swatched all the colours in the shop and this was my second favourite colour, my favourite was the colour Petra from Adjusting Beauty did a review of - 040 Let's Red Loud!. I wouldn't mind having it in my collection.  By the way, she said that she felt some stinging of the lips on application, but I feel none.

Have a great day!
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