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Let me introduce you to my new every day lipstick. I'm in love with the colour. Matt About Pink is one of the three new matte lipsticks that joined the Ultimate Colour permanent range this Spring. I liked all three, but decided to get only this one. I actually had this shade on my wishlist from the moment I saw the promo pictures, but after seeing swatches of other bloggers I changed my mind. Honestly, it doesn't look that amazingly pretty in the tube or swatched on the back of the hand, but I was amazed at how great it looks on me.

The formula could be better. Matte is my favourite finish, however, I prefer matte lip creams to the formula of this lipstick. It's not at all drying and it applies really nicely, but the formula is not smooth enough and the application can look uneven which becomes more evident later (I have a similar problem with Shiseido's Perfect Rouge glowing matte in PK224). Staying power is average, it lasts about 5 hours, but then I feel the need to reapply it to make it more even and crisp looking. It doesn't survive eating or drinking too well.

Formula aside, it is one of my absolute favourite shades ever. Matt About Pink looks like a perfect peachy pink on me. It's what I call a pink coral, a mix of pink with orange, but with pink being much more dominant. It is somewhat bright, however, I think it's still appropriate as an every day shade if you're not afraid of wearing a bit of colour. It would probably look more toned down on someone who's not as pale as me. I've been wearing it every day and everywhere since I got it.

Catrice lipsticks cost about 4€, I got mine in Müller.
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