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There is nothing like a good old classic red for the nails, am I right? You would think such an essential colour would be one of the first ones in my collection, but I will sheepishly admit I only got it a few months ago when I was making my post about reds and realized I have nothing like it. For shame. As far as I know Bloody Mary To Go was a very popular colour a couple of years ago, but you know when Catrice (Cosnova) decides to discontinue things, they do it with such a zealous attitude which is unmatched by any other brand apart from Essence (rule number one: do not get too attached to things from Essence and Catrice *sobs quietly for Essence's Stay Matte Lip Creams*). I remember being very disappointed when I first went in search for this shade a year or two ago, it was one of the first things I put on my Pinterest wishlist, but alas I was too late and it was already gone. Luckily Catrice came to their senses and re-released this shade again probably sometime this year. A company that actually listens to their customers - nice.

Bloody Mary To Go is a very classic blue toned medium red. It's one of those standard shades like a nude that everyone should have in their collection. This kind of shade that makes you appear like you give a damn in looking very classy as well as professional. 

Red nail polishes are usually all great when it comes to formula and this one is no exception. The formula is really pigmented and smooth, so you can settle for one coat, but it might look a bit see-though on some nails (it's a jelly/crelly). I stick to two layers like always. I love the new brush of these nail polishes, it fits my nails perfectly, though on the pinkies I turn it sideways.

I picked up my bottle in DM for 2.59 €. 

Have a great day!
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