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Luxury Lacquers Metal
03 My Satin Ballet Shoes

A pink-rose gold shade with a metallic/über frosty finish. The formula is very pigmented and reaches about 80% opacity with one coat. If you're not bothered with a hint of the tips showing through, then it's a one coater, otherwise a two-coater. The formula is quite thick, but it applies smoothly and evenly. Despite being a shimmery nail polish it's easy and quick to remove if you use a pot remover.

All of the nail polishes in the Luxury Line have a normal, "useful" brush.

Luxury Lacquers Brilliance
05 Plum Fiction

This is a colour that will probably pop out in the stand the most to people. It's a warm purple shimmer with a few red shimmer bits in it, you don't see a nail polish like this often. I expected it to look more spectacular on the nails and more shiny, but I do love the colour. The base is almost translucent and just slightly tinted purple, however, for the full effect/opacity two thick or three thin coats are needed. The removal process was incredibly long, even with the pot remover, which usually removes glitter polishes with ease and the shimmer went everywhere, so I will really consider it before using it again.

Luxury Lacquers Brilliance
01 It's Showtime

An eye-catching glittery silver that looks super glam on the nails. The base is translucent and again as at Plum fiction two thick or three thin coats are needed for full opacity. I love this shade, but again the removal process was so irritating. 

Colour Brightening Base Coat 
01 On Top of the Alps

I never had a white nail polish, but always wanted one. Remember how we painted our nail with Edigs (correction fluid) in primary school. Or was that just me?  Colour Brightening Base Coat is a white nail polish with a semi-matte finish. It needs two/three thick coats to be even, so I'm not sure how would it work as a base because that would mean a hell of a lot of nail polish coats.
Unlike at the Luxury Line, this one unfortunately has the roundly shaped brush, which only slightly less annoying than the angled Bourjois' 10 Days one, but truly only by a small margin. It pretty much makes it impossible to apply the nail polish nicely, so it can result in the manicure looking like it was made by a two-year-old during an earthquake. It needs a lot of clean-up is what I'm trying to say as a lot of the polish ends up on the cuticles.

  Million Styles Effect Top Coat 
02 ¿Holo, Que Tal? 

This looks a lot prettier in person than in pictures. It's a topper with a duo-chrome or perhaps even slightly holographic gold-green shimmer. It really makes for a glamorous manicure, but I find so far it works best over black. I applied three coats one the ring finger and on others it's one. It's easy to remove.

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