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High five to Catrice for finally taking the plunge and take on the contouring trend. I think that aside from Sleeks version, which is only available online here, the pickings when it comes to a taupe-ish contour shade are very, very slim with actual eyeshadows being probably our best option. So I'm delighted to see this in a permanent range and Essence will have their versions as well. The palette comes in two shades: this cool toned brown with a champagne-peachy highlight designed for pale individuals like me, while the other is darker and with a gold highlight.

The highlighter is more on the sheer side, which I actually like since I'm more of an subtle highlight girl, but it can be built-up to a stronger glow, though it takes several layers. The actual tone of the highlighter is lovely. It's a warm champagne, slightly peachy shade that doesn't end up looking too white on the skin, unlike like their newest Highlighting Powder in 010 Stardust. It reminds me of my favourite Jemma Kid Iced Gold in terms of shade, but not in texture, since this is a powder and that one a much glowier cream.

The bronzer/contouring side is nicely pigmented as far as my light skin tone is concerned and I pick up only a bit of the product at at time and build up slowly to avoid a random strip of colour on my face, but people with darker skin tones have said to me that this is too light for them. It's warmer and less taupe than NYX's Taupe as well as much more pigmented, but it still manages to fake shadows well. Ana Ina compared it to the Sleek palette in light and it shows how much more taupe-ish it is. The powder is quite silky, but it does dust/flake off, nonetheless it blends ok and doesn't look patchy on the skin. 

Staying power is nice as per usual when it comes to cheek products by Catrice.

I know I'll get this question: NYX Taupe or Catrice? I'd still go with Taupe for my skin tone, well at least in the winter when my skin matches the colour of snow. But I have a neutral undertone, so I can go either way. If you skin tone is pink, go for Taupe and if it's warm go for Catrice. Also pick the latter one if you're not as pale as me because Taupe is quite sheer compared to this one (by the way, my Taupe blush is quite old and I hear they have been messing with the shade since then. Petra recommends Essence I Heart Nude eyeshadow in 05 My Favorite Tauping instead).

I built-up both powders a lot for this picture, so my camera would pick it up. Normally I'm quite shy when it comes to contouring. 

This was a hit for me in the latest Catrice update. They managed to create a lovely taupe-cool brown "faking shadows" shade for super pale people like me, which is incredibly rare among the drugstore brands. The highlighter is more on the subtle side, which some will like and others not, but the tone of it is very pretty. In general it's a great budget buy. 

I bought it in Müller for 4.69 € and as far as I know, this is only available on the 3 m stands. 

What is your favourite contouring powder and highlighter? Have a great day!
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