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Catrice joined the the chubby sticks/jumbo pens/crayons craze by releasing their version called Pure Shine Colour Lip Balms. Don't they look remarkably similar to Clinique's? I've had these pinned on my Pinterest Wishlist board from the moment I heard about them and there are 8 colours available. I bought the 070 I Don't Red It (There are swatches of this shade and 050 Cherry-ty on Adjusting Beauty here). This is my second such product. My first was Bourjois' Crayon, which I reviewed here.
These are waxier than the Bourjois Crayons, but feel just as moisturising. Bourjois Crayon melted in heat wave we had and I had to store it in the fridge, but Catrice's was just fine. The pigmentation is weaker though and honestly, I expected a more saturated colour. But, as Catrice named it well, it is closer to a lip balm than a lipstick.

I Don't Red It is a pure red. I know it looks a bit orange toned in the pictures, but I don't really detect any prominent blue or orange undertones. I wasn't blown away by it when used it for the first few times, because the pigmentation was really poor, but now that the top layer of the product is gone, it's much better. One swipe leaves you with some colour, however, I prefer more saturated colours so I build it up a lot. I'm wearing just a couple of swipes on the left lip swatch and I really, really built it up on the second, which is they way I wear it.
The finish is somewhere between glossy and creamy. Staying power is nothing special, I got up to four hours before reapplying, but it doesn't survive meals well. Contrary to Bourjois Crayon this one doesn't leave a stain and I kinda hoped it would.
My eyes look so grey when I wear this red, I really like it. 

My first impression were not all that great, mainly because of the lack of pigmentation, but that problem worked itself out the more I used it. I actually found myself using it constantly since I bought it. It's a nice way of wearing red without it being too much. It's going in my (makeup) bag, though another sheer red caught my eye the last time I was in a drugstore.

It's a nice balmy type of product that will appeal to many, but don't expect any good lasting power. These cost 5.19€, which is a bit much considering their lipsticks are cheaper, but it is the most affordable option so far in our drugstores.
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