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It's a Matt World is one of the shades that is about to be discontinued, so I snatched it up at half price. Normally it takes me about a month before I review a product, but I decided to speed it up for this lipstick since it would be pointless posting about something you can't get any more. If you're interested in what else is going out, Moonchild has a post about it in here. These products currently have a huge discount, so grab what you want before they're gone. I posted the upcoming new products by Catrice for Spring/Summer 2014 in this post if you haven't seen them already.
It's a Matt World is a warm, but leaning more to a neutral red. It's not the most pigmented or bright shades as it needs a few layers to get the maximum intensity and compared to my other reds this is a more subtle red. The pigmentation instantly reminded me of essence's long lasting lipstick in 02 all you need it red, though It's a Matt world still packs more of a punch. The formula is a winner. This is one of the smoothest formulas I've tried, like it's packed with silicones and very reminiscent of the discontinued Revlon's mattes. This is such a pleasant lipstick to apply, it doesn't cling to patches and is not drying. It's not a matte finish rather more of a satin.
It fades evenly and looks really nice when it's half worn off. It lasted a decent amount of time on the lips, approximately 4 hours. Drinking wears it off a bit, but it survives through enough that you don't need to reapply it you're not fussy about such things.
It's a Matt World is a decent red that might not blow away those who love richly pigmented lip colours, however, it's a nice lipstick for those who want something more than a reddish lip stain or a balm, but aren't sure they want to venture into bright colours just yet. For 1.99€ that it costs now, I find it better that 02 all you need is red, so if you're interested go check it out.  

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