Tips Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipstick 090 IrrCORALbly Pink

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From this line of lipsticks, Ultimate Stay, which were released last year, I've already reviewed the shade called 120 Looks Like Coral here, so I won't go much into details about this one as it is pretty much the same formula. It's a nice, light-weight and smooth lipstick that is of very good quality with great pigmentation and also decent staying power

IrrCORALbly Pink is a much bolder shade than Look Like Coral, but it is in the same colour family. It's a bright warm pink with coral tones. If you like colours like MAC's Impassioned, you'll probably like this shade as well. I suspect I'll be wearing this a lot when the weather gets warmer.

These cost 5.29 € and are excellent for the price, however, Catrice's Ultimate Colour are just as good and cheaper. But, the bottom line is that Catrice makes great lip products and are worth checking out whether you are or aren't on a budget. 

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