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In Catrice's most recent "autumn update" they released a new line of lipsticks called Ultimate Stay. I, of course, immediately grabbed one as soon as they reached our drugstores and I went for the quite obvious choice for me - a classic pink coral. I actually got another brighter shade, IrrCORALbly Pink, at the Cosnova event, but I'll post swatches of that one later, since I haven't come round to taking pictures of it yet. 

Texture and finish: It's a classic good quality lipstick, which is not too creamy so it would move around or settle into lines and not by any means drying. Basically it's just a simple, lightweight formula that applies smoothly on the lips. These feel similar to the matte shade called MATTraction from the Ultimate colour range, though maybe they are just a touch lighter. The finish is satin at first, but it gets more matte with wear.

Colour: Looks like Coral is a medium pink-coral or peachy-pink, however you want to call it. I really appreciate that there is more pink in it because corals mostly look unflattering orange on me. Instead of the bright tones like in the 250 Matt abour Pink shade from the Ultimate Colour range, this one is a more natural, subdued shade. I actually love wearing this as a stain as well on occasions when my usual bright lipsticks might not be particularly appropriate as this just gives a gentle flush of colour on my lips that brings warmth to my face, since my natural lips are quite pale.

Staying power: Very nice actually. Catrice lipstick in general tend to last superb on my lips, especially considering the price, but I never expect spectacular staying power from a light shade no matter the brand, so this colour surprised me. It lasts several hours on the lips (I don't check my watch to be fair), it wears well, doesn't dry out my lips (but neither hydrate them) and it fades evenly. If you're looking for quality affordable lipsticks, Catrice certainly delivers.

Packaging: A thin, sleek tube, essentially just a bit smaller and more compact than the regular Catrice lipsticks.

Price and availability: At 5.29 € Ultimate Stay lipsticks cost a € more than Ultimate Colour range. I don't find them any better, but both lines are exceptionally good for the price.

What can I say than another excellent lipstick by Catrice. Great formula, staying power and pigmentation. Of course, the colour is lovely as well. If you don't own any Catrice lipsticks, you're missing out. 

Have a great day!
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