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Every now and then I get this craving for products with the same scent. A couple of months ago I couldn't get enough of coconut and a few weeks ago it was peach (I'll do posts about those products too), this time it's chocolate and cocoa. While I'm aware I'm probably completely bonkers, this never stopped me to get all crazy with searching the internet and drugstores to find what I'm looking for. So this is my current selection of products with chocolate and cocoa scent.

I guess the blame for my current obsession with chocolate scented product can be attributed to Balea's Bademomente Sinnesfroh bath salt in Kakao. I've already raved about it a couple of months ago and I actually bought four more packets since. It's a limited edition product available only in DM drugstores and it's really cheap, less then a €. In short it smells just like a cup of cocoa. I love the scent, though the salt itself is nothing special. If you like cocoa scented products give it a go.

Next is Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula lotion which I got online, because I believe it not sold around here. It's one of the most popular lotions with great reviews and it quite cheap, so I thought why not. It smells like chocolate cake, quite strong but I find the scent doesn't last that long on me. The formula is thick (exactly how I like it) and it sinks in fast, all in all a great lotion. The only gripe I have is the packaging, I can see it being quite hard to get the lotion out when nearing it's end. I bought it on

My exploration of Müller bore fruit as I stumbled upon this little gem - Pajoma Pärfümöl Schokolade a scented oil for one of those oil diffuser thingies. It smells like melted chocolate for cooking. Well actually like a mix of chocolate and margarine (if you ever made cake frosting you'll know what I mean). It makes my rooms smell like a chocolate factory and there's only one word good enough to describe it - awesome! It was around 2 € in Müller.

Ziaja is a Polish brand sold in DM's and they a have a selection of coconut, orange and cocoa scented products. I bought the 500ml bottle of cocoa scented shower gel for around 4€. The scent is lovely, but the formula is a bit too thin for my liking. Still a nice product. 

And, of course there's more. I actually have a wishlist of products I still hope to get someday. TBS's Chocomania line is obviously at the top of the list, especially the beautifying oil and scrub. Essence will offer a collection of LE scented hand creams from October and I have my eye on the caramel hot chocolate. Balea also announced a new LE of shower gels and bodylotions, the almond-cherry one and more importantly figs-chocolate.  

Do you have any chocolate scented favourite products? As always thanks for reading my rambles!
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