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You may have seen in one of my New In posts that I got a huge amount of fragrance samples (man, I love samples) and I decided there on the spot to do a holiday inspired post about them. Scents are very subjective, but I hope this will help you at least a little bit to steer you into the right direction if you'll face those "giant walls" of fragrances.

Love Story by Chloé
Notes on Fragrantica
This is such a rich floral scent. It's a bouquet of white flowers with orange blossom, neroli, stephanotis (jasmine from Madagascar) and there are also more tame notes of musk and cedar in the base. It's a soapy, clean and elegant scent with a touch of sweetness that reminds me very much of honey, which I love. It a bit like a less sweet, more sophisticated Lady Million. The bottle features a classic Chloe design, but with a twist and it was inspired by love padlocks on the bridge of the Pont des Arts

Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli
Notes on Fragrantica
I've got to hand it to Cavallli - he sure knows how to make statement fragrances. Like his eau de parfum this is a fragrance that gets you noticed. It's strong, warm, seductive, floral - there are just three notes in it: Tahitian tiare flower, neroli and rosewood accords in the base, but it smells like there is a ton of them. It reminds me of a more modern, younger Poeme and definitely one of my favourites from this list.

Angel by Thierry Mugler
Notes on Fragrantica
Oh, the familiar scent. But not in the classic way that I think most people know this from, since it's such a popular fragrance, but perhaps surprisingly from my hairspray. Lee Stafford's dry shampoo and hairspray have the same scent. Basically, it's a heavy, rich oriental scent filled with strong notes of chocolate, vanilla, amber, honey, coconut, patchouli, caramel, tonka bean and I could go on, but check the notes yourself on Fragrantica. This is a fragrance for those who want to be noticed and don't care whether they get a positive or negative response. It's certainly not a gentle, unobtrusive, clean scent - no, this is the full deal. It's a complete silage monster. When you decide to wear this, there is no turning back, at least until the shower, however, if you accidentally spray a bit on the clothes, the scent will last for days.

Roberto Cavalli eau de parfum
Notes on Fragrantica
Another shamelessly loud fragrance by Cavalli, but this one is less "safe" than Just Cavalli. The ad campaign features a bronzed-up woman in a revealing animal print dress and that's exactly the kind of woman I imagine this wearing. A daring femme fatale who isn't afraid to be in the centre of attention. It's a very heavy, rich, balmy and strong oriental-floral fragrance with notes of orange blossom, benzoin, vanilla, pink pepper and tonka bean. I've had the Refan version of this for years and I adore it.

Chloé eau de parfum
Notes on Fragrantica
This is one popular fragrance among sales assistants in Müller and there's a good reason for it. It has that universal appeal and actually, I had a bottle of this myself a long, long time ago (I still have the empty one as a decoration). This is foremost a rose fragrance, but not in the cheap, granny type of way, rather it's a powdery rose. It's very modern, clean, elegant and feminine, and it will appeal to many women simply because it's a safe bet, but it's still unique and easily recognizable.

Alien by Thierry Mugler
Notes on Fragrantica
Jasmine, jasmine and more jasmine. But unlike Lush's Lust, it's a softer, less headachy jasmine because of the warm amber and wood notes.  It's like sitting under a jasmine bush on a nice sunny day. There is nothing alien about this fragrance, but a very homey and spring feeling. I think this is the best jasmine scent I've ever smelled and I definitely prefer this to Angel. 

Reveal by Calvin Klein
Notes on Fragrantica
There is so much sexiness in this fragrance. I have a thing for CK fragrances, I haven't encountered one I'd dislike, and this one appealed to me greatly from the first spray. It's spicy and woody, the pepper notes together with salty notes create a classic seductive CK fragrance. My first association was cinnamon mixed with Euphoria, so it's a deep fragrance that you might want to save for a specially night out or cold winter nights.

Cool Water Night Dive by Davidoff
Notes on Fragrantica
This is so much different than the original Cool Water and in a very surprising way. It's very woody, sensual and soft, there is none of that refreshing freshness of the original, though subtle notes of citrus are still present. I'd describe this scent as comforting, soft and classic.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs
Notes on Fragrantica
This smells to me like daisies. There is a meadow of daisies in front of my house and this is exactly how it smells. I know there isn't an actually daisy note in the fragrance, but regardless it mimics it perfectly. There is a slight green-citrusy freshness in it and even the tiniest bit of real strawberries (not the sugary candy kind). In time a touch of vanilla makes an appearance and the fragrance in gets a bit more sweet. I think this is a typical crowd pleaser, a fragrance that is both office and school appropriate meaning it's young, but still classic. And lets not forget about one of the prettiest bottles out there.

Sheer Beauty by Calvin Klein
Notes on Fragrantica
Champagne. That's the first burst - a nice, expensive glass of champagne. Then the warmth and the floral notes starts coming through  - sandalwood, a touch of vanilla, peony and lily. The champagne note is delightful and it's nothing like I've smelled before, yet it's so familiar (it's something from the 90's, so my childhood, but I can't put my finger on it) it's such a wonderfully mixed accord. It's a classic floral fragrance, yet with a twist and at least in first hour of application, I'd make you feel like you're attending a glamorous party wearing a killer little black dress and heels.

Me L'Absolu by Lanvin
Notes on Fragrantica
Such a rich scent. It's very grown up, smooth, floral with jasmine osmathus, citrus, wood. The first burst is very strong giving that first impression of a very expensive fragrance, but it quickly mellows into a soft, comforting woody floral with a touch of citrus. 

Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein
Notes on Fragrantica
I'm a big fan of the original Euphoria, in fact, I have three Euphorias and its flankers in my collection. Forbidden Euphoria is completely different than the original. It's fresher, fruitier, a bit tart, more floral and playful.  There is none of that darkness, creaminess and sexiness of the original, nor would anyone consider this an unisex fragrance and that's why I find it more fun and appropriate as a daytime scent  in any season. There are juicy notes of sweet raspberry, citrus, peach blossom, jasmine, tiger orchid, peony, patchouli, musk and wood. 

Have you tried any of these scents? Any favourites? I hope this was helpful and have a great day!
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