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I'll start by saying that this was given to me to review, since as you may have noticed, it's not a colour I'd normally wear, at least not any more. I used to love such pale nudes when I was really young, but now I find that I need some colour on the lips to keep me from looking too washed out, but such pale shades look really good with a smoky eye. 

I have no idea why Clarins chose to name this shade rose as it is nothing rose like, unless they meant yellow roses, but this lip gloss isn't yellow despite of how it may look in the tube. It's a very warm nude shade and I presume the yellow tones in it are meant to counteract the red tones, so the gloss actually looks nude on the lips (MAC has/had Spring Bean Lustreglass that works in the same way). It's very similar to Mac's Florabundance and Underage in terms of how it looks on the lips, so it's like it slips into every line and crevice under close inspection, but surprisingly it appears relatively even when looked from afar. The finish is more of a creamy glossy shine rather than mirror one.

The formula is very, very similar to their Instant Lip Perfectors, perhaps just a bit thicker and it's stickier, but it's so incredibly comfortable on the lips, like a little cushion for the lips and I think that it even nourishes the lips like an expensive lip balm. Staying power is nothing special when it comes to how long the glossy finish lasts, but the creamy layer stays a lot longer.

It smells so good, like candy, Kiki soft candy to be more specific. I love any candy scent, so this is a big plus for me.

The packaging is beautiful with the gold cap, but I'm not a massive fan of the applicator as it is big and therefore on the clumsy side.

If you're a fan of nude glosses and have quite reddish lips, this might work better for you than classic nude glosses. The formula of these is so lovely and comfortable, but in other aspects it's still a normal gloss.

I've seen that these costs 18 GBP on Boots International, but forgot to check the price in our shops. It's probably somewhere around the 20 € mark.

Izdelki Clarins so na voljo v Müller drogerijah, Maximarketu, Nami, Beautique drogerijah in Kompass shop-ih.

Have a great day!
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