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I always like to try new felt tip eyeliners and last time I was ordering from Boots I noticed how highly rated this liner is as well it's inexpensive, so I added it to my shopping cart. To be fair, I do not get what all the raves are about. It's not by any means a bad liner, but it's certainly not amazing. It's kind of average, but in a good way and nice for the price.

The nib is quite big or maybe I should say thick, especially compared to most other eyeliners I've tried. The material used is that classic felt that is used in sharpies and it's the same kind than at Essence. It's a hard nib and doesn't bend, which would allow a more comfortable and precise application, but you can still get a nice line with it. You'll see that the line with this liner is thicker that at others I've swatched, that's the consequence of the larger nib. The formula isn't as black as most I tried, not even as Essence's. It's not as intense, though on the lids it's hard to tell. It's easy to create a flick, but it's not as precise when it comes to making an even line mostly because it doesn't bend, so it takes a lot more patience.

Staying power is better than I expected based on the fact it's not as pigmented as the others, but it can get through the day on my normal lids. The wings rub off, but the main line remains.

I'm not in love with it and I actually think that even Essence's is better, so I don't get rave reviews, but it's a decent liner for the price, mostly due to nice staying power. In the strangest twist of events ever, after posting a rather harsh review of ArtDeco's liner (to be fair it was fully justified if I judge its performance from only the first few months), I've been reaching after it far more that the Collection's one. The nib is softer and more precise, so it's easier to use. Collection's one is nice if you're on a budget, but it's not the best one out there.

It costs £2.99 on Boots International.

Have a great day!
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